Basic PC for Internet etc - Dell OK ?

  pipfan 13:08 07 Jan 2011


I'm looking for a cheap second PC for my partner. It will be used for pretty basic stuff - internet browsing, maybe a few letters being written etc. Nothing like Photoshop, video editing etc.

I've found a few Dell Optiplex GX270's & 280's on Fleabay but I'v never heard of those models - they are mini-pc (look like ex corporate types) and typically have 512mb - 1gb RAM, 40gb HD's, XP Pro etc. Seem to be able to pick them up for around £40

Do you think these will be adequate for what I need, anything else I should be looking at?

Any buying advice very gratefully received.



  northumbria61 13:09 07 Jan 2011

Post a LINK to your DELL and I am sure someone will advise.

  pipfan 13:24 07 Jan 2011

Thanks, here we are

click here

Typical example of many that are available.

  GaT7 13:47 07 Jan 2011

Yes, should be fine. A few years ago I was using a lower spec PC (Celeron 600Mhz only & Win98se) to do the same & a little more.

Just confirm that it does indeed come with the COA, i.e. licence sticker with full Product key clearly visible. This will allow you to use any WinXP Pro OEM disc to reinstall the OS if required. Or, use free imaging software like click here to backup if you don't have or unlikely to get/borrow a WinXP Pro OEM disc in the future.

Another one to consider is a standard ATX one like click here for only a few pounds more (& with double the hard drive space) - these will be a little easier to upgrade should the need arise in the future. G

  pipfan 14:01 07 Jan 2011

Many thanks Crossbow, thats great advice.

I'd gladly trade some HD capacity for a smaller unit - want the thing to be as out of the way as possible as space will be a bit of an issue in it's location.

Hadn't considered the COA, so will pay special attention to that

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