Basic Networking Instructions needed

  wee eddie 10:40 27 Mar 2007

What is the best site to visit for Instructions on how to Set-up and Use (with clear Diagrams) a simple home Network.

The reason for this need:

I have already set up my Network and it works well. I'd like to know why and whether I can improve on it.

I don't need our Standard Answer which is "Ask here" as I don't know what questions to ask.

  robbiepaul79 12:47 27 Mar 2007

Would you be after information on wireless or wired networking?

Lots of good information available just by using a simple google search.

Are you connecting Desktop PC's Laptops, Printers or a mixture of them all?

  wee eddie 14:13 27 Mar 2007

1 newish Medium Spec XP PC, 1 old XP Laptop, 1 Canon Printer, 1 BT Voyager 205 Router.

I only connect the Laptop to the PC, to update Outlook.pst folder and do a little occasional printing (haven't actually need to do any printing yet).

Router to PC > Cat 5 Cable, using the only Network Port on both machines. PC to Printer > USB. Router to Laptop > USB, using the Router's only USB Port.

  wee eddie 08:22 28 Mar 2007

Still looking

  Woolwell 09:26 28 Mar 2007

I have looked around at several websites for networked printing and cannot state that any are particularly better than the others. I tend to cherry pick from them all.

Actually if your network works well I would leave alone. Why try to fix something which ain't broke? I have 2 networks. One works well and the other not so well. There is different routers and adaptors being used in the different locations which may be part of the problem but it could well be down to siting of the wireless router.

For a wired network I would go all ethernet and drop the laptop USB connection. Personal preference here without any real eveidence why.

  wee eddie 09:55 28 Mar 2007

That the Router only has one Ethernet socket, as does the PC.

Is there such a thing as a "Splitter" or would I need a Router with 2 Ports.

As you say "Why try to fix something which ain't broke?" I agree.

However there are so many things about Networking that I don't appear to know.

For example: I assumed that with 2 PCs networked together you could work on the files on either HDD. However this is not the case. It appears that you have to place the file in the Shared Folder for it to be visible on the other PC. I have not been able to discover whether you remove a Document from the PC's shared folder to work on and then put in back in you Laptop's Shared Folder for updating. The Shared Folder do not appear to update the original file. And a thousand more unknowns.

  robbiepaul79 10:06 28 Mar 2007

the 'For Dummies' range may have some nice reading on basic networking you may like to check them out.

  Woolwell 10:25 28 Mar 2007

I am not an expert on networking far from it and as many people learn from my mistakes.

You are correct about the shared folder. Place the document you want to work on in the shared folder and leave it there (not a copy but the original). On the other computer work on that document from the host PC's shared folder and it will update.

  Strawballs 22:25 28 Mar 2007

click here
This site really saves me a lot of typeing

  wee eddie 08:13 29 Mar 2007

That is the sort of site I was looking for. It's good on the mechanics and hardware.

I'm now looking for something fairly simplistic, on use, that covers many of the working aspects such as synchronisation.

Please direct me to a "Site" rather than trying to explain here. As I have said, I don't really know what questions to ask yet.

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