basic HDD question

  vinnyo123 03:59 31 Mar 2004

Hard drive failed recently. Just a basic question do hard drives spin always(constantly)when ever PC is on?

  yvonne-203529 05:04 31 Mar 2004

hard disks spin when they are reading or writing.Your HDD light will flash every time there is activity with your hard drive. So you should not be hearing your HDD spinning constantly if you haven't given your computer anything to do.

  stlucia 08:49 31 Mar 2004

What you normally hear when a hard drive is working is the heads moving back and forth. As Hazey says, the light will be flashing or flickering whenever the drive is working.

But the drive is usually also spinning (usually silently) while it's not working. It will only be completely dormant if there's been no activity for a certain period -- I believe the period before power-down can be set in the BIOS.

If it is dormant, and you do something which requires access to the drive, you will then experience a short delay while it powers up again, and you will hear it starting up.

  vinnyo123 16:41 31 Mar 2004

Ok I seem to see the light and here it reading and writing when called upon. It also seems to be spinning constantly just wondered if it was necessary (normal) to spin constant.I was wondering this because my recently new drive went bad and it constantly was spining at startup but with louder spinging noise and constant and POST detected it as FAILED.

  Gongoozler 16:47 31 Mar 2004

In Windows 98, and I think it's the same in XP, in Control panel - Power management, there's an option to turn off hard disks after a period of inactivity.

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