Basic cd-re dvd-rw question

  nar 23:53 06 Dec 2005

Bit of a stupid question but cant seem to find the answer.

My cd-rw has given up the ghost and making lots of coasters and very few copies so im getting a new one.

Now i was thinking of buying a dvd-rw so my question is can i copy cds onto cds using a dvd-rw as i would with my cd-rw?

If so whats the best to buy for about 20 quid?


  Skills 23:58 06 Dec 2005

Yep you can burn cds with a dvd burner no probs. I dont think there quite as cheap as 20 quid yet thou you're probably looking about £30.

Theres plenty to choose from Ive got a LG drive myself the 4163B which has done me proud. All formats bar -DL and theres support for dvd ram they do have a new model out thou that supports the -DL format as well.

  PSF 00:04 07 Dec 2005

click here click here for a few examples, you are looking around the £30 mark for an OEM drive.
Burning software from £2 up click here

  PaulB2005 06:39 07 Dec 2005

Have you tried a different brand of CDR first?

  nar 09:35 07 Dec 2005

with my current drive i have tried the cheapest to the most expensive cd-r and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. mostly it doesnt i wasted 10 cd-r trying to burn 1 bloddy cd!

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