Basic broadband questions

  TimCDC 17:46 27 Mar 2006

I've got two basic questions re broadband which I hope someone can help me with. The BT line checker tells me that I live too far away from the local exchange (2 km) to get full speed but can get 512k. Can I sign up with any provider that for example usually offers 1MB speed but in the knowledge that, living where I live, I'll only get 512k? I'm pretty sure that the answer is yes, but if that is so, I'm not sure why e.g. click here doesn't acknowledge, say, that I can get a service from Tiscali, but the tiscali site says I can. I guess I could go with the tiscali site, but I'm wary of paying for somethign I can't get!
My second question is, Is this all done by me at home, when they send me the modem, or does it involve someone coming to my house to sort it all out?
thanks for your tolerance of my ignorance!

  woodchip 18:08 27 Mar 2006

It should work if they say so

  brambles 18:12 27 Mar 2006

I personally would recommend BT and if you keep complaining I'm sure you can do better than 512Kbs. There intention is to have 2MB as a standard minimum. I live in a fairly remote Leicestershire village but have the 2MB.

Yes - you have to do all the work but it isn't too difficult. It really is a question of installing the modem/software they send and connecting it to your telephone point.

You need a filter for every active telephone point - they send 2 with the package - so if you have more than 2 - order the extra filters at the time you order the broadband.

When I did my daughters it didn't work initially because I didn't know they had a telaphone point attached to their SKY setup.

Type 'BT Broadband'in Google there's all sorts of tutorials around. Remember if you go with Tiscali they will still use your BT line - if you are with BT for your phone calls I personally think it's better to stay with 1 Provider. Best of luck


  Totally-braindead 18:15 27 Mar 2006

If they say you can get it then you can probably get it, what happens is they send you out a pack with the modem and 2 filters, if you need more filters you will have to buy them. You cannot use the pack until the line is enabled by BT, when it is you just follow the instructions and plug it in. Lots of advise here click here only other suggestion I have is try emailing or phoning them.

  TimCDC 22:26 27 Mar 2006

Thanks for your help with this - I'll go ahead and follow it all up

  Tim1964 00:04 28 Mar 2006

BT and F2S both said I would only get 512Kbps as I'm about 4 miles from my exchange. Madasafish said I'd be able to get 2Mbps (which I in fact do). It's worth checking with a few ISPs as they seem to quote different speeds.

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