Basic 7-Zip help please

  Furkin 16:10 17 Sep 2011


I’ve not used 7-Zip before. I’m trying to send someone a sample of a .rec file & it needs compressing.

It currently sits in My Video’s > My movies, but I can’t seem to access it when trying to use 7-zip.

The 'My Video’s' folder shows up, but I can’t open it to get to the .REC file (or any others).

What am I doing wrong please ?

  Nontek 19:02 17 Sep 2011

As long as you have 7Zip installed, the rest is usually automatic. To send a zipped file, right-click on the file and then click on Send to. Then in the list click on Compressed (zipped) Folder, at this stage nothing appears to happen, but if you look in your My Pictures folder you will see a Zipped file, usually it is the last file in your My Pictures. You can then create a email and add that compressed file from your My Pictures to the email as a Attachment, then Send in the normal way.

  Furkin 21:12 17 Sep 2011

Thanks so much for that. I was looking at it from the wrong direction.

All I have to do now, is alter the settings (?)

I zipped a .rec file sized 78114kb, but it only zipped to 73529kb.

I have to get it smaller than 25mb to be able to email.

Can you tell me where to change the seetings please ?


  Nontek 22:39 17 Sep 2011

I have used 7Zip often, but have never had to change any settings, it has always worked perfectly well, automatically.

  gigagiggles 23:02 17 Sep 2011

"I zipped a .rec file sized 78114kb, but it only zipped to 73529kb."

That took away nearly six percent of the original file during the compression process.

There are at least two options (I'm assuming it's a video file):

1) use a video editor to break the original video file into three parts, or

2) use a video converter to reduce the file's video resolution, which will reduce the file size.

  octal 08:37 18 Sep 2011

It sounds like the file you are trying to compress is already compressed so it won't go any smaller. Have you thought about sending it via one of the web sites that cater for sending large files? is one such site, there are quite a few others if you have a look on Google.

All that happens is the file is uploaded to their web site and a link is sent to the recipient so they can collect it.

  Furkin 09:38 18 Sep 2011

Thanks folks,

Since the original post, I have been trying to look into this. I did notice somewhere that there is a choice of 'Passes'. I was then assuming that each 'pass' would compress it by about 5%. So, to compress by half, would need 10 'passes' ?! (Did I say that I was new to this ?)


I was trying to send a few minutes TV (public domain) footage to a Media Player supplier - to see if anything handles .rec files. I have a Topfield PVR which only reads/writes in .rec format.

I tried to send 30mins of News,,,, which was way too big. After 20 attempts at reducing, I tried to send 6 seconds of (horse racing – news finished) TV in .rec. Still too big at 78000kb.

In my - very - limited experience, I don't think this is already compressed, not if 6 seconds (78000kb) is too big.


Of course, in this instance, I am trying to use .rec formatting. I need to know the procedure for future use & other formats etc.

I’ll have a look at the BigFile place, but does everyone need to do this to send a few minutes of footage ?

Am I really, the only twonk that can’t do this ?

  octal 11:53 18 Sep 2011

I’ll have a look at the BigFile place, but does everyone need to do this to send a few minutes of footage ?

Yes, because the file size is much too big for the email system, even if you could do it you'll probably find you might die of old age waiting for the file to be sent, it's bad enough will a few units of MB.

The other problem with keep compressing files, which you are trying to do, is that each time you compress you will get loss because the compression tool keeps trying to remove bits. When its decompressed at the distant end then the decompression tool has got to guess where to put the missing bits back and you end up with poorer quality than you started with if the guesses are not good. I think compression tools are very useful, but you have to understand their limitations. That is the penalty you pay, you can't get something for nothing

So it's back to the BigFile place. You might have to ZIP it once and once only because the site might not recognise the .rec file and sending as a ZIP it will turn it into a data file which it will recognise.

  Furkin 17:30 18 Sep 2011

Thanks for the info.

I have managed to send a file by BigFile and another by Mega-Upload.

I'm going to have to look into the 'compression' routines a bit more rigorously.

I have Un zipped lots of things over the years, but never needed to ‘Zip’ anything before. I assumed that one just picked a file and,,,,, zipped it.

Am I right in assuming that it’s the size of ‘video’ files that’s the main problem ?

If – say – I wanted to send someone 30 minutes of video, where & how would I start ?

All the best

  octal 17:50 18 Sep 2011

You are correct, the size of the file is the problem, if you are looking at 30 minute videos then they are probably going to be several hundred MB in size and you would have to use the same technique with BigFile, the trouble is there is a limit to the size you can send for free, over a certain size you are going to have to start paying. It might be easier just to stick it on a CD or DVD and post it.

Also, you have to keep in mind the recipient who might not have a fast connection at the other end, or they might have download caps.

  Furkin 17:25 19 Sep 2011

Thanks again for the tekky bits. He managed to open the file that I sent him.

For anyone else interested in my original problem -(converting / compressing / sending .REC files)- the recipient played about with it and showed that they are actually .TS files. No converting needed - just chnage the extension to .ts.

I'll tick this as 'sorted', but if anyone wants to chip in with info about compressing programs - please do.

cheers all

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