Base Unit

  User-F19B448A-819C-4883-991C282DFCFBDA20 09:19 17 Jun 2003

I am looking for a base unit for around £500. I have been warned off Time,so can anybody reccomend a unit? I have heard good things about MESH and Multivision. They always seem to win awards.

  graham√ 09:21 17 Jun 2003


  Lú-tzé 10:18 17 Jun 2003

There is a very good machine in toys'r'us (don't laugh! - it's not fisherprice!) - a cybermaxx (ie medion) with PIV 2.33 ghz processor, win xp, dvd drive, cd-rw drive 512mb ddr and so on for £599 incl VAT. It's worth a look and for an extra £50 has a 2.66 ghz processor.

  Agent Smith 13:34 17 Jun 2003

I copied this link click here from an earlier posting, it's worth a look. Apologies to who ever provided the link as I can't remember who did it. I've book marked it for reference.

  Newuser4491 14:19 17 Jun 2003

I bought a MESH pc ages ago. It may have won an award, but their customer services won't. The PC never worked from the start. The support line fobbed me off with "its a software problem", ring the software line at &1 a minute or whatever. After 6 months of hassle, they finally collected the PC, tested it and agreed that it didn't work. It took the threat of legal action to achieve this though.

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