Barton V Thouroughbred Amd Core

  99brownd 22:39 29 Mar 2004

Can anyone tell me which core is better, i have been told that a barton core is now better than a thoroughbred, i was thinking of upgrading from a athlon xp 2400 (266) to a xp 3200 (400) barton core would i notice a difference. thanks

  norman47 22:47 29 Mar 2004

In my opinion the barton core is superior to the thoroughbred, the 512K cache can make a lot of difference.

Whether you will notice a great deal of speed improvement will be down to what programmes you use and what you use your computer for.

  duckers 23:06 29 Mar 2004

Your motherboard and memory speed you may or may not notice much difference.
1. If your motherboard can run 400 FSB CPU's you will get the most advantage, if not your losing a lot of memory / CPU bandwidth

2. same with your DDR RAM - if your only running 266 DDR you aint gonna gain a lot in terms of memory bandwidth, which these days can be more critical than gains in clock speed alone....

3. additionally if your motherboard can only run in single channel mode your losing out as well.

you dont say what your MOBO is so thats about the only advice I can give you,,,
Also you will need to check your motherboard and RAM are compatible with a 3200+ chip, I know this shouldnt be an issue but it is and I do urge you to make sure, otherwise you will end up with nothing but trouble and a machine that locks up regularly (believe me I have seen it).

final point is that you can get a pentium 4 2.8 with 800 FSB for a couple of quid more than a 3200+ and it will out perform it in most situations,, if you decide to upgrade your full PC I would suggest thinking about this option carefully... And the Athlon XP and pentium 4 northwood cores are nearing the end of their life cycle so buying a full new setup now would be unwise as the motherboard will not be compatible with the next generation of chips...

probably confused you even more now but its all a load of cods that you got to think about... especially checking your current MOBO is compatible with the 3200+

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