Barring one internet address - how?

  muscic lover 10:35 24 Jan 2004

Good day all of you out there!

The problem i have is that i want to restrict access to one internet address ONLY. I am running windows Me on a fairly good set up and want to restrict this one site only - for my own sanity!
I need to do some serious study and keep going to this one site, and wasting time!
I run internet explorer 6 and have a broadband connection. I do not wish to use net nanny or similar typeprogrammes either, just bar one site!

Thanks in advance!

  AubreyS 10:40 24 Jan 2004
  [email protected]@m 11:40 24 Jan 2004

If there was a way, and I don't know if there is or not, it would be of no use because you would know how to unbar it!

  VoG II 12:09 24 Jan 2004

You could use the hosts file click here

However as [email protected]@m has noted, this is pretty pointless as it is reversible. Follow AubreyS advice.

  johnnyrocker 12:53 24 Jan 2004

self control would seem to come to mind;)


  Sheila-214876 13:04 24 Jan 2004

Why do I get the impression that the site you want to bar is PCA Forum? I have the same problem, I am supposed to be working but I spend a lot of time on this site. I wouldn't class it as "wasted time" though. I agree, if you know how to bar it then you also know how to unbar it.

  muscic lover 17:20 24 Jan 2004

Trust me its NOTHING to do with PCA... its an internet chatroom!

PCA is far too valuable to block and if i knew how to block the website, i would not unblock it.... Willpower is lacking in my book. please help

  Egg McKane 17:30 24 Jan 2004

If self control is a problem then you have my simpathy because i have none at all so maybe you could try violence, everytime you find yourself on the site that you should'nt be then punch yourself in the face, you'll soon decide that going on the site is bad for you!!!!!!

  VoG II 17:41 24 Jan 2004

Start Notepad. Enter the following

(note: the IP address and the site name are separated by a Tab. Obviously enter the real name of the site you want to block.)

Save the file as C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Ensure that you do not save it with a .txt extension or it won't work. It has to be called plain "hosts". If it ends up with a .txt extension, right click it in Windows Explorer and rename it.

Close Notepad and reboot.

  VoG II 17:43 24 Jan 2004

Sorry, save the file as c:\windows\hosts if you are running ME.

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