sallyleslie 12:28 17 Apr 2004

Having seen some good reviews of Webmania on this forum and as my present hosting package ends in June I thought I would get ready to move now. Bargainhosts past problems have been well documented so despite new ownership - enough said. I have not been surprised at Bargainhosts lack of response re: moving domain but am surprised thst having paid Webmania by Paypal a week ago my invoice is till showing as unpaid and I can get no response to nice emails asking for position to be checked. Does anyone know if they have any problems or is time delay usual and I am just being impatient?

Cheers to you all. I have not asked for help before but always keep in touch with all the good advice dispensed on this excellant Forum!!!!

  Taran 12:54 17 Apr 2004

I can only say that my limited experience of Web-Mania has been very, very good. They processed eveyrthing and had my site live within 24 hours and nothing has gone wrong with it since.

Have you tried the Live Help link on their support page ?

It opens up a chat applet and allows you to bounce things around in real time with their support technicians. Obviously you shouldn't discuss actual details of financial issues via this method, but I've just asked on of the techs on your behalf and he/she assured me that if you have an invoice number you can quote to them using the Live Help system they will be able to check on the status of your account in real time and inform you of what is going on.

Post back once you've been in touch with them with the results.

They were very friendly and helpful when I asked on your behalf, so I expect nothing less if you go to them direct.



  Forum Editor 13:43 17 Apr 2004

to that - they impressed me with their professionalism.

  sallyleslie 21:54 17 Apr 2004

Hello there,

Many thanks for responding so quickly. Yes I had an excellant live chat and received the advice you have related and emailed to the correct address and quoting the invoice number as requested. I guess I must be patient and wait a little longer. I sent the original email on 14.4.04 is that in line with your experience?



  Taran 09:09 18 Apr 2004

No, the timeframe is not the same as I experienced.

There are several possible causes here though. Keep in mind that when using a third party payment service the company you buy a product or service from, in this case WebMania, will only charge full steam ahead once payment has been made to them by the payment company. There may have been some kind of problem between you paying and WebMania being paid.

I paid by card online and the following day both the address and the domain on WebMania were ready to use.

I'm curious to know whether PayPal could actually be the problem here.

I'm just guessing though, since there are a number of other possibilities that also spring to mind.

Keep us all posted.

  sallyleslie 16:09 19 Apr 2004

I think you are right Taran. Although Paypal notified me that all was well I wonder whether they similarly told Web Mania or perhaps Web Mania have to wait until they can download cleared funds? In any event I have received an email and have checked the web site which both confirm my invoice is paid and I'm all sorted. Many thanks for all your help.


  Taran 16:21 19 Apr 2004

Glad to hear you are now up and running.

Any chance of a URL once your site is uploaded to your shiny new WebMania account ?

Best of luck with it.


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