Barebones - worth installing existing components?

  Bargee 17:42 04 Jan 2004

I'm considering buying a Barebones unit & installing my existing Athlon 1.3gHz processor, PC100 SDRAM & Maxtor ATA100 HD.

Obviously it would be better to install the latest kit, but as I want to use it as a basic machine, performance, etc. is not a consideration. Anyway, I'd rather put the new kit into my existing setup where improving performance would be more justified.

Would I have a problem finding a suitable Barebones unit?


  Pamy 17:48 04 Jan 2004

None whatsoever, visit computer fairs.


  Bargee 16:58 05 Jan 2004

Cheers for that.

I thought it would be possible, but with the rate that kit becomes obsolete these days its best to check.

Unless of course someone else knows different!

  Sheila-214876 17:19 05 Jan 2004

Try this site and click on Bundles click here

  Bargee 20:08 05 Jan 2004

A brilliant web site ennuye, however, a reason for wanting a barebones system was to reduce the footprint/size because space for it will be limited.

Maybe I've got it wrong as I thought barebones meant small as well, but then all the bundles on the site are indeed "barebones" albeit with full ATX tower dimensions.

Sorry if I've mislead.


  Gongoozler 20:33 05 Jan 2004

Hi Bargee. You should be able to use most of the parts you list, but very few new motherboards will accept your PC100 memory. Most will only take DDR.

  Dragon Heart 21:34 05 Jan 2004

Try this site for 'Cube' systems
click here

  wee eddie 21:54 05 Jan 2004

Ev3en a cube takes up almost the same footprint as a tower.

You have to think differently, i was going to say "out of the box" but this is really one of the most ludicrous pieces of jargon that has ever gained credence.

My IBM is attached to the wall about 4 foot above ground level. I just installed a suitable shelf.

There is frequently unused floorspace under the desk.

Many modern desks have an overhang and a modesty screen. A good place to hang a tower unit? possibly but you will have to get up to load any of the drives. But then most of us only load a piece of software once.

  Bargee 09:24 06 Jan 2004

You are all correct of course, thanks loads.

As I'm probably going to upgrade my prime machine, I may as well do a complete rebuild & save money by using a KVM switch rather than buy new monitor, keyboard & mouse.

Oh, great link by the way Dragon Heart, a most interesting site.

Cheers all

  Stuartli 09:41 06 Jan 2004

Asus and MSI barebones systems here;

click here

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