Barebones notebook - is this a mythical beast?

  Maturin 23:47 28 Apr 2005

Anyone know where to get one's hands on a notebook with no OS, other than Novatech (click here).

I own win XP Pro with VLK (legally!!) and Office 2003 with VLK too. It seems daft to buy an off the shelf system with OS pre-installed as well as office OEM software hence my query.

I have searched the UK web with little luck to date. Why is it so dififcult to get a "barebones" notebook while the desktop market is awash with this (eg click here)

I may consider a refurbished machine. Must be Centrino 7xx with at least 1054 MB RAM (I like NIS 2005 which is really memory hungry!)

Thoughts/links welcome

  woodchip 00:05 29 Apr 2005

These maybe click here

  TomJerry 00:48 29 Apr 2005

it costs very little for a laptop maker to install winxp (maybe less than £20 depends on the size of manufacturer), therefore it does not make much sense not to install one.

if you ask for any maker to remove OS, they will give you very very samll (even no) discount

  Maturin 10:05 29 Apr 2005

"it costs very little for a laptop maker to install winxp"

That is interesting, because there is a least a £50 discount with NOvatach for no OS. The prices for installing OS is >> £20 for the buyer.

Seems like an issue that PCA may wish to highlight - the profit margin for OEM software installation may be the oil which is greasing the consumer computer market. I along with many others have grown up with PCs. It is patronising for us to have the OEM software pre-installed because it is limiting consumer choice (and cost-effective software solutions) Most do not need all the software included in the package!


  Aspman 10:13 29 Apr 2005

I think Microsoft basically stops many of the larger manufacturers from selling systems with no MS OS. I believe MS threatens to remove favourable deals for those who try to do it.

I think Wallmart was selling laptops preinstalled with Lindows. I don't know if any other manufacturers are selling Laptops with Linux preinstalled but that might be something worth looking into.
You might not want Linux but you wouldn't be paying for Windows and you could reformat and reinstall with your own licence.

  Aspman 10:18 29 Apr 2005

You get them in the states at least:

click here

click here

click here

All US though.

  Maturin 10:47 29 Apr 2005

Would the warranty on new PC/notebook be void if I nuked the preinstalled software, formatted the HDD and then installed my own OS?

  Belatucadrus 11:36 29 Apr 2005

click here the barebones laptop is alive and well at ebuyer

  Aspman 14:47 29 Apr 2005

You'd be cheaper buying a Dell.

Your warranty wouldn't be voided by reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling your own OS.

I don't think they'd be too keen to supply support on an OS they didn't suppy though I don't think it would make much difference if all you are planning is putting XP pro on instead of XP home.

All the hardware would be covered.

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