Banning a Commenter?

  gorgon 21:56 30 Nov 2005

When I try to access a specific web site I get a pop up window that says Enter Network Password and asks for the user name password and domain.
It only happens with this site, I have posted on their board for some months without any problems of any kind.
I was visiting the site one evening without any problem but the following day the barrier window appeared and I have not been able to access their browser since then,
Although I am not aware of any unpleasantness a friend of mine said that this was done to ban a commenter

I would be grateful if someone could explain to me what is happening.

Thank you

  Forum Editor 22:18 30 Nov 2005

is that you're being prompted for a logon before you can access the site page that you want. This is a normal procedure for sites which operate a registration system.

If the login prompt has only recently started to appear it could be that the site operators have instituted a registration system. It would be a little odd to ban people in this way, but it may be the case. In any event, you can't gain access, so it might be an idea to forget about it and move on.

  gorgon 23:09 30 Nov 2005

Many thanks
Sorry, I’ll try to explain
When everything was OK I entered the URL (or ticked Favourites} the web site opened and I could read the message board; if I wanted to post (or chose to do so) I had to enter my user name and password.

Instead now when I enter the URL (or through Favourites) almost immediately a pop up window appears on top of the current window displaying the Enter Network requirements together with the URL I wanted to contact. The page I want does not open as it did before. It is never displayed.
I tried using the board user name and password but the result is that a white screen now appears saying unable to gain access or something like that, so that I am forced to click BACK if I want to continue using the browser. The domain password was never requested for the proper use of the site.

I am therefore denied access to the pages I could read before even without using my username and password.
I don’t know if I have made myself any clear, hope so
Thanks again

  Gary7 09:48 01 Dec 2005

Is the Enter Network window being generated by Windows or the remote server, do you think, coz there are pop-ups that imitate a Windows window. Normally, a Network ID window would be produced by your Windows. You may have a virus. It wouldn't do any harm to turn-off your cable modem, router and PC for 30 seconds and see if things change. Boot up in the above order.

  gorgon 10:14 01 Dec 2005

Is the Enter Network window being generated by Windows or the remote server?
How can I tell?I don't know the answer to this one.
Everything else is ok and the problem persists.
It does not bother me at all,I just wanted to know if my friend is rihgt(we do)
Thanks for you interest.

  gorgon 09:38 02 Dec 2005

Thank you Gary7 and the Editor for your replies
The remote server (?) now gives a short informative message, which says: Service Unavailable

It is obviously their serve malfunctioning and nothing to personal
It is back to normal and I can connect to the as usual
The explanation is that their server was out

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