Bank Statements

  Nick Nack 00:08 31 Jan 2003

Can anyone help?
I want to save my bank statements in either PTF format or PFM format (the two types that my bank allows one to save in) but when I try to download them onto my hard drive Winamp appears in all its glory and a large ERROR sign. I must have originally done something wrong as I've never been able to save them to but how do I undo it.
Any ideas? I'm sure its very basic but I can't work it out!

  jazzypop 00:12 31 Jan 2003

Save them to your drive and right-click the file, select Open With... and choose Excel (if you have it), or else Notepad.

Then do a Save As from within whichever program you used.

I seem to recall this came up recently - despite the name, they are just CSV files.

  barryoneoff 00:17 31 Jan 2003

print them as hard copies, rather than leave them on your PC?

  Spencus 00:26 31 Jan 2003

Better to use the print option, not a good idea to keep bank a\c details on your h\d

  AndySD 00:28 31 Jan 2003

Or try giong My Computer and Choose View then Options and then the File Types tab scroll down the list and highlight each of the file extensions (PTF, PFM) in turn ... click on Edit, highlight Open click on Edit and in Aplication used Remove the entry. You can then Browse to the Bank Programs .exe or just leave it blank and let the bank program find it Using File then Open.

  Nick Nack 00:46 31 Jan 2003

Maybe that's why it doesn't work,Andy, I don't seem to have a PFT or a PFm file extension in File Types. Do I have to add them? And how?

  AndySD 01:02 31 Jan 2003

Hmm I have to admit opening my mouth before using my brain here. I have been looking these file types up on the net and they are both printer fonts. So I am a bit of a loss at the moment.

Follow jazzypop's advice.

Which Bank maybee I can go and look to see if there are any instructions on their web site.

  Nick Nack 07:59 31 Jan 2003

The problem is that when I try and save the statement it only gives me the choice of type Winamp media file or All files, then even if I save as All files (it saves as a .stm)and then try and open it the little winamp control box appears alongside a box saying 'invalid module' 'error (in_mod.dll). By the way I bank with Lloyds.
Thanks Angie

  Lú-tzé 08:13 31 Jan 2003

Save it as whatever the default is and then change the extension to xls [if you have excel] - it may complain but it may also work!

Or put " " around the name when saving it as txt or whatever.

  Patr100 11:07 31 Jan 2003

Not ideal but you could use the Print Screen key to copy the screen image and then paste into another program - either Graphics or say Word - and save or print from there.

Might depend how long your statement is which depends how much you have been spending in the last month!

  jazzypop 11:23 31 Jan 2003

To download the file - right click on LloydsTSB PFM format and choose "save target as" and then save it to a destination that you will remember, such as My Documents.

Once the download is complete, close the download progress window, open Windows Explorer and open the My Documents folder.

Select the file (left click once) and then hold shift and right click on the file and
choose 'open with', then choose Excel (if you have it) or Notepad.

Once the file is opened in the program, choose Save As, and give it a meaningful name.

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