bank scams (posted in consumer watch)

  johnnyrocker 11:37 21 May 2004

but i thought it worth a second post here,
i have received two mails asking for 'details' on allegedly from barclays the other from halifax, they are both spoof non secure sites and will accept any duff info you care to enter so have fun and get your own back;)


  Graham ® 11:43 21 May 2004

I do it to junk mail. Send them back, but swap the envelopes.

  johnnyrocker 11:48 21 May 2004

e mails.


  ventanas 11:55 21 May 2004

Had these two, and one this morning from NatWest (allegedly).

Thanks johnny. I will have some fun.

  end 12:12 21 May 2004

???but by doing so are you not then "revealing " YOUR e mail address as "valid" and , therefore "opening the flood gates"......????

  conrail 12:46 21 May 2004

with snail mail I swap the contents like Graham ® but return them in plain envelopes, not the supplied ones, I buy cheap so not such a large outlay, but I do not put stamps on so they have to pay the postage to get another companies rubbish

  Stuartli 13:03 21 May 2004

Had the NatWest one this morning - just hits the trash can.

Halifax has been warning again about fraudulent e-mails and scam websites on its banking pages.

  Doogie Howser 14:48 21 May 2004

My junk mail has all but stopped since I registered with the mailing preference service.

click here

  johnnyrocker 15:03 21 May 2004

likewise doogie,
the scam is not for the e mail addy but bank details etc.


  end 16:15 21 May 2004

are we talking about "e mails" or the "junk" that gets psoted through ones door by "whoever"???

  JayDay 16:19 21 May 2004

With junk snail mail. Don't forget to pad it out with loads of crap. That way they pay more because of the extra weight!!!!

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