bandwidth thieves!!!!

  yohosuff 11:00 18 May 2008


My roommate and I have a problem that we're not sure how to fix. It goes like this:

We are using a TP-LINK router. He (my roommate) connects wirelessly, and I usually connect through a cable, as the router is in my room, not his.

I noticed that my internet speed was incredibly slow, and I naturally assumed that my roommate was downloading a few things, so I asked him if he could pause his downloads for a while so I could check my e-mail, facebook, yadda-yadda-yadda.

But to my surprise he wasn't downloading anything, in fact, he was also complaining about slow internet speeds. So where was the bandwidth going?

I checked the TP-LINK's wireless connection status page and it clearly showed my roommates MAC-ADDRESS recieving packets at a most alarming rate.

He just formatted and the problem is still there. Does anyone know what we can do about this?

PS - I had to turn off his wireless in order to get on this forum. :(

  Forum Editor 12:33 18 May 2008

1.Is your friend running a firewall?

2.Is your router secured?

  yohosuff 14:45 18 May 2008

He is running Windows Firewall.

We've tried using WPA2 security, and the wireless status page still showed tons of packets being received by my roommate's MAC-ADDRESS. It seems as though something is using his computer to tap into our bandwidth.

If use MAC filtering to block his computer, my internet goes back to its super-sonic self. But as soon as I unblock him, its back to lagging and dragging. :(

I really don't know what to do.

  Ashrich 14:57 18 May 2008

What happens if his PC is turned off ? Just to rule out someone MAC spoofing and cloning his MAC address .


  yohosuff 00:45 19 May 2008

The internet is fine if his laptop is off. I guess that rules out "someone MAC spoofing and cloning his MAC address."


  yohosuff 09:48 19 May 2008

Hey guys, problem solved. He was using a faulty copy of uTorrent. Even when downloading nothing on uTorrent, as long as it was open and running, our bandwidth was being devoured by an unknown demonic entity. When we closed uTorrent, everything was fine. I use a different torrent downloader from him so that was probably why there didn't seem to be any problems coming from my end. He's now going to get a new client.

Thanks for all the help!

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