Bandwidth simulation

  Michendi 09:22 19 Oct 2004

Can anyone recommend a program that accurately simulates bandwidth in real-time?

Problem Description : My testing PC connects to the Internet using a 1Mbps Broadband connection. I want to be able to accurately simulate the viewing experience of someone that is connecting via a 56k modem.

  anchor 09:30 19 Oct 2004

I do not know of any programme, but suggest an simple way to do it is as follows.

Make a dial-up connection to Turbosheep. You do not need to register, just connect to them. This will use the ordinary 56k modem that most PC`s have.

Dialling Number: 0845 0961234

Username: [email protected]

Password: fast

You can then view the results at 56K yourself.

  Pesala 13:06 19 Oct 2004
  Smegs 16:21 19 Oct 2004

Why on earth do you want to do that???

Do you not know anyone on Dial-up??

  Michendi 19:55 20 Oct 2004

I found what I was looking for at: click here
They have a simulation tool, but at $149 it isn't cheap! I will download the trial version for evaluation. BUT..... if anyone knows of something less expensive then I would like to hear from you.
Thanks for the suggestions.

  Dorsai 20:11 20 Oct 2004

I can make a guess...

So the web page/download/service etc Michendi is resposible for the production of, works well enough on a modem (at 56k) so that potenetial customers/viewers don't give up waiting for it do arrive...

  Smegs 01:22 21 Oct 2004

I can see why now.


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