Bandwidth problems

  wolvesfan 00:24 03 May 2005

Please help!! Got a webcam with a mic. Have installed it, webcam works but no sound. All works when setup with the audio/video wizard, I get sound, mic works etc.
When i go on to chat, it says that all my bandwidth is full, the usbs are using 100percent. I have a webcam in one usb, my modem in another, and an optical mouse in the other, with one spare. I need another 3 percent, how can i adjust/compress what i've got to allow another 3percent?

  jonostar 00:31 03 May 2005

good question?? i aint got a danny mate///

  bluesbrother 00:41 03 May 2005

Bandwidth refers to your internet connection. Your webcam will be using some of it but your mouse will not be using any.

  @[email protected]!c 06:42 03 May 2005

not totaly sure wolvesfan but i think its refering to your usb bandwidth and with all of those things connected at the same time is draining it..if you can try yourweb cam with less things connected to your usb ..if it dont work you can get an external usb hub which supplies its own power..good luck regards akanic

  wolvesfan 13:24 03 May 2005

Tried to unplug one of the other remaining things in usb ports. Doesn't work. Tried disabling usb's in device manager. Mouse freezes, so use hotkeys to enable once more. Webcam is using 50% bwidth. Other stuff is utilizing the rest, which i dont know, but i turn it off my mouse freezes, so must need them. Gonna try buying a usb hub and see if that helps! Thanks evryone for your help. I'll let you know how I get on!!

  jolorna 15:20 03 May 2005

if you have a spare pci slot then get a usb2 card, use the card for your cam und the computer usb port for your modem

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