Whiteadder310556 15:54 22 Apr 2009

When playing the BBC I Player I get a message saying that I do not have enough bandwidth. I check the speed an get about 2megs, the best I've had on a dongle, but the player is very jerky, which it isn't usual. Any opinions?

  splatter 16:07 22 Apr 2009

Is this streaming? I assume it is, you could try downloading and then watching the content.

  Ronnie268 17:28 22 Apr 2009

2Mbit/s or 2MB/s

There are 8 Megabits in a Megabyte, so this 2Mbit/s may not be enough.

  Pineman100 18:55 22 Apr 2009

I presume your internet connection is ADSL?

How are you checking your speed? Different speed checkers will give different results, and a single speed check is really not much of an indication of your average speed.

Your connection speed will vary a fair bit throughout the day, as internet usage varies. To get the truest possible indication of your speed, your should make regular measurements at different times of the day, for several weeks. Then average out the results.

You may find that you're not getting anything like the speed that you thought.

IMO the best speed checker is this one: click here

  Whiteadder310556 20:30 22 Apr 2009

I'm on a mobile dongle! But downloaded that speed checker and a lot of RED! Anyhow "3" sent a software update which I installed, I wonder if they are doing anything with their hardware aswell?

  Pineman100 18:52 24 Apr 2009

I suggest you run a series of speed tests, as I described above, and then discuss them with 3. If you're not getting the downstream speed that you should, then they ought to help.

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