Cheno 23:31 19 Sep 2008

Hi All,

Just wondering if there is anyway of controlling bandwidth with preferably a free program if possible. I have a belkin router with one wired computer and 2 wireless laptops, one of which is abusing the internet. Can I control this to a sensible level so we can all get fair access?

Any help would be great.

  brundle 23:34 19 Sep 2008

You can set the router's wireless mode to `b` only to restrict it to 11Mbps, plenty for browsing and email.

  Cheno 23:36 19 Sep 2008

Thanks for the response, surely 11Mbps is still a very large amount, considering my speed is prob on 2mbps. Bad line I know

  mgmcc 23:42 19 Sep 2008

The simple answer is "No". There is hardware available to allocate bandwidth to client computers in a commercial network, but it is very expensive and generally beyond what home users would be prepared to pay.

Having said that, I believe *SOME* routers do have a QoS (Quality of Service) configuration that can provide some control, although it may only apply to wired ethernet connections and not to "wireless" ones.

  brundle 23:52 19 Sep 2008

Yes that's true, though wireless is half-duplex and encryption adds its own overhead so 4-5Mbps is more likely. As mgmcc says, home routers don't often feature very fine control over throughput for individual users.

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