"banding" on notebook LCD

  sammyjacks 16:53 19 Feb 2009

My 2 year old HP Pavilion dv8113cl notebook has all of a sudden developed a grey vertical "banding" on the 17" LCD.
Externally, the display is 100% OK, so I presume that the issue is with the notebook rather than my graphics card...2 questions please...

1) How would this issue occur on a complete problem-free notebook ?

2) What is the usual diagnosis of this problem ?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or help out there,


  Diemmess 17:21 19 Feb 2009

1) Murphys Law

2) Defective monitor since an external monitor works normally.

One ray of hope.......

It is possible that the display mode has changed and resetting to the optimum might bring it all back into line.
Check by right click on desktop, properties and settings.

  sammyjacks 17:37 19 Feb 2009

Thanks for your prompt response Diemmess...

My screen res currently remains @ 1440 x 900 so it looks as though my LCD is "cooked"...

Darn Murphys Law...lol.


  Diemmess 17:53 19 Feb 2009

your settins sound about right, but it has to be worth experimenting to see if the problem is there.
The default refresh rate on my 22" monitor is only 59Hz and probably would not make a visible difference if I ran it faster.

As I said it might just confirm good or bad, if you tried altering the screen resolution.

If whatever you do only makes it worse then I'm sorry but ...... "hope springs eternal!"

  Graham. 17:55 19 Feb 2009

May just need a new light tube or invertor board. Try pressing the edges of the screen in case it is a cable fault.

  sammyjacks 18:16 19 Feb 2009

Thanks again to you both for your time and help...

After trying almost all variations of resolutions, nothing changed...my refresh rate is set @ 60 Hz and the pressing of the edges of the screen made no difference either...Looks like I have a decision to make...

Thanks again Graham + Diemmess


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