Balloons won't stop

  tonyx1302 09:33 30 Jan 2005

I have recently re installed my printer but I keep getting info. balloon tips alternating between the taskbar and my screen, telling me that it cannot install the hardware as the system cannot find the file specified. The funny thing is that the printer is working ok !
I have tried deleting and re installing the printer but the problem will not go away.
Please help before I go mad. Running XP.

With thanks


  Gongoozler 10:14 30 Jan 2005

Hi Tony, does the balloon tell you what file it can't find?

  ACOLYTE 10:24 30 Jan 2005

click here Thios any help,but as said what cant it find?

  tonyx1302 11:47 30 Jan 2005

Hi Gongoozler & Acolyte. Sorry, it doesn't say what it cannot find. I looked in the reg but didn't know what to look for so left well alone!

I am totally confused now as my printer will not run at all after continual un/loading software, but I am still getting the ballons even though the machine or the software isn't loaded. I have gone through to the Canon site and tried to d/load the driver from there but it still will not load.
I have to go out to lunch today but will come back to all responses asap.
Many thanks


  ACOLYTE 15:14 02 Feb 2005

Has the balloon gone up lol?

  tonyx1302 15:54 02 Feb 2005

Hi Acolyte. Yep the balloon has finally burst! I kept on deleting/re-installing and then running Reg Mech/ RegScrub etc and finally they ceased but I don't know what I did that stopped it happening.

Sorry forgot to do a 'little green tick' as resolved and thanks for your imput


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