Baffled by corrupt audio downloads

  ui_maine 15:00 29 Mar 2013

In the last 10 days or so, for no reason I can think of, I've been having download problems. Any podcast or music I download comes out corrupted, i.e. choppy like a scratched CD. This happens no matter which of various sites I'm downloading from, so it's not a problem connected to just iTunes or just the BBC or whatever.

So far, I have:

  • reset Firefox
  • tried using a different browser
  • run full scans for virus, spyware, and malware infections
  • run checkdisk and a memory diagnostic
  • tweaked and finally uninstalled Quicktime
  • tried downloading to a different destination


None of this has done the job.

Also, Steam cannot seem to download the new Skyrim patch for me. It keeps suspending the download, and says I have a 0 bytes download rate. shows my up- and download rates as being their normal selves, and gave me an A grade, with 0% packet loss. I'm completely stumped, this doesn't seem to make any sense. I cannot face the prospect of commuting every day without podcasts and music to get me through - please help!

  ui_maine 12:19 30 Mar 2013

Bumping. My need is great.

  rdave13 13:44 30 Mar 2013

Have you checked your download speed?

  Secret-Squirrel 14:05 30 Mar 2013

Have you tried playing those music files on another computer or device to confirm that they really are corrupt?

  rdave13 14:09 30 Mar 2013

I should pay more attention, sorry. Speed is OK. Puzzled why you can't download from Steam. Is it the same when streaming?

  ui_maine 21:36 30 Mar 2013

That's another weird factor rdave - streamed video seems unaffected. I have watched both live streams and video downloads today, and both were 100% fine. I'm going to listen to so streamed music right now, and will report back. REPORT: Yep, that worked fine. I guess that's good news, but if anything it confuses things even more.

Mr Squirrel, yes - I basically use the computer as a conduit for podcasts and music, which I then listen to while commuting to/from work. When a download is corrupt on my mp3 player, it is corrupt in exactly the same place and the same way as when I listen back to it on the PC.

  rdave13 21:44 30 Mar 2013

Streaming ok suggests the temp folder is ok. What browser are you using to download? Try another browser.

  ui_maine 15:12 31 Mar 2013

I did try that already. I use Firefox as a rule, but tried Chrome - the problem still occurred.

  rdave13 17:10 31 Mar 2013

A shot in the dark here, the default folder is C:\Users(user-name)\Downloads. Try creating another folder on a different drive and call it DOWNLOAD2 or similar. In FF, options, general tab, point to the DOWNLOAD2 folder by the browsing tab. Try downloading files again. If it makes no difference you can change back to the default folder again.

  m800afc 11:30 05 Apr 2013

Bump I have this problem as well.

  m800afc 11:30 05 Apr 2013


I have this problem as well.

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