bad wireless router connection

  metz606 16:59 21 Mar 2008

hi. first of all i do not know a lot about networking so i am hoping for some help. at home i have a netgear wireless router which i got for free from aol. i do not think it is a good router. anyway, laptops pick up the internet fine but when it comes to my playstation 3 and my xbox 360, the connection is bad. i have one place where the router can plug in and that is downstairs and the machines are upstairs. what i was wondering is if i could extend the router with some kind of cable so that it is nearer to the game machines. if i can extend it which wire do i need? or do i need a new router or something to boost the signal. if you could help it would be very helpful
Thank you

  setecio 20:23 21 Mar 2008

The advice for gaming is to go wired, ie. have an ethernet cable running from the Xbox to the netgear, and another one from the playstation to the netgear. Wireless gaming rarely works 100 % especially when there i any distance involved.

  metz606 23:07 21 Mar 2008

so if i connected the xbox and the playstation to the router via an ethernet cable, will i get 100% of the internet so the games wont lag online? because with the bad wireless connection, you cant play online because its just all messed up. for example, i play a call of duty 4 and the bullets dont work because the connection is so bad.

  setecio 10:18 22 Mar 2008

Most likely, yours is a common 'wireless' gaming problem and 30m ethernet patch is less than £10

click here

  metz606 10:28 22 Mar 2008

well thank you very much, i will sort it out today

  Willasrulz10 19:44 02 May 2008

yeah I have this problem as well with my ps3 and call of duty 4, when you try to shot someone online the bullets go like 3 meters to the left/right of them and you lose basically. im just sorting out getting a cable for my wireless router

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