Bad Symantec LiveUpdate Download!

  DennisD 03:28 01 Jan 2006

Hello all. I just wanted to warn everyone using Norton SystemWorks 2005 and/or Personal Firewall 2005 that there's a buggy update called Symantec Security Software Update (496.1 kb) that Symatec released on 11/29.

This update can render you unable to receive mail from your ISP's POP3 server in Outlook & Outlook Express. (I experienced this with Outlook 2003, getting the error 0x8004210A after long, unsuccessful attempts to receive email. (Sending email is unaffected apparently.) The shutdown process also became extremely long, & overall performance seems choppy.

After much frustration & troubleshooting, & undid the update with Norton GoBack, found Outlook to be fully functional again, & re-installed the update again, & it was indeed the cause of the trouble. (I've restored again to defeat it.)

I have confirmed that this is indeedthe problem via a US help forum, when I read a posting identical to the problems I've experienced over the last 2 days. I've tried to navigate Symantec's ponderous website to notify their customer support, but can't get to them. I'd be open to any advice other users have, & hopefully this posting will help anyone experiencing trouble or at least help prevent it.

  tes 08:12 01 Jan 2006

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By tes on Sat, 31/12/2005

  blackpat 13:12 06 Jan 2006

Hi Dennis, I found your post by looking in search. My partner and me both have computors in the same room (not connected to each other and on different BT landlines) We both had the symantec security software update round about the 01/01/2006.but it doesn't install on both our computors. We were thinking that there was something wrong, but going by what you say, it may be a good thing !! What do think?

  DennisD 02:43 07 Jan 2006


Well, I'd say it would be easy to spot if either computer is affected. As I mentioned in the posting, incoming email is shut out (you'll see error Ox8004210A regarding the inability to receive), & performance gets choppy. I keep my machine tuned up, & the shutdown went from approx. 20 seconds to 4 minutes! While you can manually go in & configure the firewall to accept the email server, that still doesn't address the performance issues. I've seen numerous postings on a prominent American help forum regarding this update within the last week, so it's become a known issue. Here's my advice: I think it's a good idea to keep downloading Norton's antivirus updates, but I do not have confidence in downloading that security update--after restoring from the problems when I'd suspected the update, I downloaded it again on purpose, & it was indeed the culprit. (I restored again to undo it.) I would not download that particular update. (If you wait several days with LiveUpdate, a particular update will go away, then you'll see it come up again later. Maybe the next one will be debugged (set a restore point first!). But I just wanted to alert Symantec users that this is indeed a bad update that can wreak havoc for the non-techie. I hope I've been some help to you.

  blackpat 06:54 07 Jan 2006

Many thanks Dennis, we will follow your advice,
Regards, blackpat

  sunny staines 07:43 07 Jan 2006

my fix

was to delete norton via control panel add/remove option.
then reinstall from norton cd.
all worked ok even with the new update.

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