Bad spelling!!

  Jakey boy 10:01 17 Jun 2004

Ok, maybe I'm out of order here, (and if so, tell me) but i'm getting increasingly annoyed about the spelling on this forum. Okay, I know it's not a big deal to many, but words like "hibornate" &etc, really annoy me. I know we are here to help on this forum, but for heaven's sake, do we really want to help people who can't actually put their problems into legible English? It just seemed to me, to need to be said! No offence meant. Opinions please???????

  Bob The Nob© 10:03 17 Jun 2004

Look, I know that good grammer is needed but I can't spell hirbornate for a stick of toffy or any thing.

  SANTOS7 10:09 17 Jun 2004

of course we want to help these people, were not all good spellers and i'm sure the typeing skills of most of the people who use this forum are not great, the important thing is if your not sure of the content of the thread, just ask for me its not a problem.

  Sethhaniel 10:18 17 Jun 2004

I think by the time most people are on here posting - spelling is the last thing on their minds - as their precious computer is probably in the middle of the floor with its legs jerking in the air ;o}

  justme 10:26 17 Jun 2004

I would like to think that my spelling is always perfect but I admit that sometimes I do get it wrong or just make a typing error. Many people are not so academically gifted that their spelling is always perfect and they make an attempt to spell the word as they pronounce it.

Due to regional accents this often means that the way they think it should be typed seems strange to others. Let us ignore the spelling errors and concentrate on helping with their computer problems.

For all we know the person who cannot spell to your satisfaction may already be getting help with their spelling elsewhere.

Live and let live.

  ventanas 10:39 17 Jun 2004

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But I agree with Sethaniel and Jakey boy.

  ventanas 10:40 17 Jun 2004

Sorry should have read Sethaniel and justme

  Shas 10:51 17 Jun 2004

As someone who has never had a problem with spelling, mistakes do tend to leap out at me and rather than it annoy, I suppose I find it strange that the words don't look odd to the person who has misspelt them. I can accept that others can't spell - my Dad used to spell the word elephant with an 'f' in it (probably still does), and some of my son's spelling when he was at school was very inventive to say the least!

What I find far more irritating is the misuse of apostrophies. If a word ends in the letter s you can bet your boots someone will stick a ' before it whether it needs it or not.

Spelling, no problems but NEVER ask me to work out what one figure is as a percentage of another. We'd be there all day!

  Smegs 11:01 17 Jun 2004

Jakey boy, we're here to help people, not teach them English. I know it upsets people, I look at some threads, and sometime have to read it over and over again to try to understand what they are trying to say. Try to look at what you are weak at, and think about that. Someone posting a thread may have spelling problems but wipe the floor with something you're weak at. DON'T get stressed abut it. Is it worth it??? NO. Take care. Shaun.

  Chegs ® 11:03 17 Jun 2004

I can spell,I can do arithmetic,I can fix PC problems.I have never felt the need to "flame" anyone for "errors in their software"

  stlucia 11:10 17 Jun 2004

I don't like mis-spelling, but the important matter is whether or not the message is easily understandable (remember, some of our contributors may not use english as a first language). From that point of view, it's abbreviations as used in texting that sometimes make me feel it's not worth the bother of trying to understand what the writer is saying -- maybe it's my loss, or maybe theirs.

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