Bad service from PCTools

  prince midas 10:58 18 Sep 2010

I bought a copy from Scan Computors in Lancashire in June.It was a genuine PcTools Internet Security 2011 with a genuine serial number.

In early September my Pc when on the internet kept closing down.I traced the problem to the PCTools Internet Security program.After uninstalling the program and trying to reinstall it,the program told me that it was conflicting with Zone Alarm firewall.
On checking my registry there is no trace of Zone alarm which was removed 2 years ago.Try as I could PCTools would not acept my serial.Now I cannot even ring them as it apppears because I have tried to install above 3 times I no longer can use Pctools and I have had to use another trial 30 day program.So when I try to ring PCtools I am told my serial is not valid.What sort of company am I dealing with.I am really cheesed of.

  prince midas 16:26 18 Sep 2010

I am surprised no reply as PCTools are supposed to be a responsible company which is not my opinion.

  rdave13 17:09 18 Sep 2010

It may be worthwhile joining their forum to ask for help with this situation; click here

  rdave13 17:28 18 Sep 2010

Link not redirecting to forums. Click support then click on community.

  prince midas 18:04 18 Sep 2010

rdave13 because I uninstalled PCTools and tried to reinstall it more than 3 times,even though I have fully uninstalled it,PCTools will not accept my genuine serial number,and when I try to contact them they reject my serial number saying it is invalid.When I ask for a number they send me my genuine number again but they still reject it making it impossible to contact them.This is because I am talking to a robot.
The same problem occurs when I try to ring and it asks for my serial number and it says invalid.
How the heck do I contact them without hitting a robot.

  rdave13 18:10 18 Sep 2010

Can you register on their forum to ask for help. No need for your serial number to register.

  prince midas 18:21 18 Sep 2010

I have registered 3 days ago.
But it tells me I cannotsend questions or messages.It looks like they have stitched me up and I have lost my subscription and 10 months use.
There are dozens of other people who have the same complaint I notice over the years..I give up but I think PCAdvisor should look into it.

  rdave13 18:52 18 Sep 2010

It does sound as if you are getting a raw deal. Didn't realise you'd already registered with the forum. Hopefully the Forum Editor will see this posting and possibly offer some better advice.

  Dark Mantis 12:00 19 Sep 2010

Well your firsat port of call should be the same as anything else you buy, the retailer. It is with them, in law, that you made your contract and it is them who are duty bound to put it right. If they refuse contact the Trading Standards Office, Office of Fair Trading or the Consumer Rights group.

  prince midas 11:21 20 Sep 2010

I have contacted Scan Computors & they are going to try to resolve the problem with PCTools.
They say the conflict I get with Zonne Alarm still being in my registry and causing myy PC to shuut down can only be cured by formatting my hard drive which I do not want to do.I can find no trace of Zone Alarm in my registry. Surely refund would be easier.

  spuds 15:35 20 Sep 2010

Install a free program called Revo Uninstaller, and see if that 'finds' any remnants of Zone Alarm or any other conflicting programs.

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