Bad sectors ?

  Bruz 09:20 05 Jul 2006

I recently had to backup a Maxtor 160 gig hard drive because XP was reporting Bad sectors.
I replaced it with a Maxtor 300 gig.
I ran the Maxtor disk checking program on the 160 and it confirmed bad sectors and I got the impression that if I ran a low level format on the HD it would cure this?
I did this and after it had finished formatting there were no bad sectors.
I am still using this as a second drive and thus far no problems.
On Sunday I got the kiss of death blue screen telling me that either a newly installed program or a piece of hard ware was faulty and I should remove them to solve the problem.
Needless to say I had done neither so I switched off the Pc and then rebooted. XP ran CHKDSK and the results flashed off the screen to quickly for me to see them. So from the command prompt I ran CHKDSK and it reported 12012 kb in BAD Sectors. This drive is only weeks old.
I ran the full scan with the Maxtor program and there were no errors. XP was doing what XP does best screwing up. To be charitable it could have been the heat?

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