Bad sector on disk?

  claluc 11:06 20 Nov 2006

Thought to keep this post separate from my previous one as to not create confusion.
When checking event log to search for a hardware installation problem, I have come across scores of error events due to a bad block on disk.
I have tried going through Error Checking / Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors in C/Properties/Tools but this goes as far as finishing phase 3, then at the beginning of phase 4 nothing else happens and PC eventually restarts after a few minutes showing a "system recovered from a serious error" message.
I have sent this to Microsoft and the reply has been that this is due to the installation of a new driver? ( I have indeed tried to install an all-in one device)
Have removed all software and references to this device and retried but this is still giving the same result.
Any help welcome.

  crosstrainer 11:16 20 Nov 2006

I Had the same problem with both sata hdds on one of my sli machines after I tried the new Nvidia all in one drivers.

As you have tried, I uninstalled them but the problem remained. The bad news is that the only way around this was to re-format and re-install XP using the older driver package.... I hope you have not got too much data to back up!

  freaky 18:15 20 Nov 2006

I had a very similar problem a month ago. Quite often on booting-up I would receive a message stating the disk needed checking for errors.

I also received a messages stating it had converted lost chains to files.

Also defragging would take longer and there were large sections showing 'unmovable files'.

The HD was about 4-years old so I cloned it to an external HD via Acronis, then replaced it - then cloned from External HD to the new HD.
There was a very noticeable improvement in the performance afterwards.

I suggest that you defrag your drive, then printout the report. If there are a lot of fragments then repeat the process again. If it does not improve then your HD might be failing.

Hope you find some of this useful.

  claluc 16:45 25 Nov 2006

Thanks to both.
I have defragmented a few times and no error was reported except for 2 small files that were unmovable.
I think that having run CC cleaner and PConPoint and deleted the supposed "errors" found has upset something in the system.
In my opinion these softwares are only good as long as one knows what can be deleted and what can't, so I have learnt my lesson for the future.
PC repair man will be coming out next week to sort it out.

  freaky 18:18 25 Nov 2006

CC cleaner and PConPoint would probably make backups of the "supposed errors" in their backup folders. All you need to do is restore these and the PC should function correctly.

Another method is to use System Restore and restore to a time before you ran CC cleaner and PConPoint.

It's worth trying and might save you the cost of a repairman.

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