In a bad mood now sex emails.

  Baskerville 23:07 04 Aug 2006

Hi all,
Not in a good mood because of sex reated emails with ridiculous names to respond to IE [email protected] or similar my apologies to Colin just made that up somebody has hit me and now I get about 3 a day now I'm a big boy and they don't affect me but all my family come on my computer and it's time to sort them out.
I don't want some long winded explanation because I just Block the sender but they keep coming and I don't want them, nobody on this comp has passed our email on can you help or I will change the email but why should I!
Thanks to all who can help.


  sean-278262 23:12 04 Aug 2006

block key words. I am unsure if these will show but the common ones are penis and such forth. If you use outlook just set filters to block unknown addresses containing those words.

I realised it best not to post the words I have used to filter mine but 10 seconds looking at these emails will give you a few ideas what to block. V1agra V 1 (ONE) agra is another common one to block along with the normal viagra spelling.

  Stuartli 23:40 04 Aug 2006

Or install Mozilla Thunderbird and use its Junk filter (you train it to immedidately send such e-mails to the Junk folder).

  Forum Editor 00:18 05 Aug 2006

until the cows come home, but it will have no effect. If someone has got hold of your email address they'll continue to send, and the originating address will never be the same on two occasions.

Your ISP might be able to turn on a spam filter for your mailbox, have you asked?

  €dstowe 07:09 05 Aug 2006

I have one email address that attracts about 100 of some of the most disgusting offers that you could imagine every day. The BT spam catcher is very effective at snaring most of them and the occasional one that does get through is held by ePrompter for me to approve (or not) before it can be downloaded.

As FE asks, enquire of your ISP.

ePrompter is available from click here - it's free.

  p;3 07:31 05 Aug 2006

you could also try this little gem

click here, mailwasher, as from what you have said the nasty mails on the server seem to be in the in box and not in the junk/bulk box on the server? mailwasher checks the in box and gives you the chance to even preview the mails to see what you do and do not want to download; as far as I am aware, outlook express and outlook only download from the in box on server and not from the junk box;

what you can also do it to open your server, perhaps daily, and see what IS on it and what needs to be marked as spam and educate your server ; of interest who is your ISP?

  Philwane 07:33 05 Aug 2006

I use mailwasher I find it very good at what it does
I check my mail in mailwasher before I open my EMail program so only EMail I want to read are let through Its free and you can get it from here
click here

  Baskerville 12:46 05 Aug 2006

Thanks for all the help, I'll trawl through the options and try to get it sorted.
I hate these things but I hate the senders of them more, sick people in my opinion.

Thanks Again,


  p;3 16:36 05 Aug 2006

I do not think you can stop them being sent to you but you CAN stop their being downloaded to your pc with using one of the above options; none of us likes receiving these unwanted mails; and, by the way, although tempting, do NOT bounce them not reply to them telling them not to send more; that will only result in even MORE arriving, which we are sure is not what you want::))

  Baskerville 22:18 08 Aug 2006

I forgot to mention my email client is Incredimail and my ISP is Pipex.
Maybe some of the applications mentioned will not work with Incredimail ?


  p;3 22:24 08 Aug 2006

incredimail may have something to do with it; my brief experiece with it (trying to communicate with someone on it)is not good

if memory serves, incredimail loves all bits of atttachements and so forth?

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