bad manners?

  cabbieman 21:37 04 May 2004

Would like to know if it's regarded as bad manners to "bump" my posting if no replies and what time scale should I give if it's ok?

  Gongoozler 21:40 04 May 2004

Hi cabbieman. A lot of people bump their postings, and will also bump others when the posting is about to fall off the bottom of the page, but are not able to offer any useful help themselves. I think that imminent falling off the bottom of the page is about the right time to bump. Postings on page 2 or later are likely to be lost forever.

  Lionheart ? 21:42 04 May 2004

Agree with Gongoozler, thats just the right time to bump.

  VoG II 21:43 04 May 2004

I agree with Gongoozler.

I think it is bad manners to keep posting "Help me" every 30 minutes or so.

  cabbieman 21:50 04 May 2004

Thanks guy's. Prepare for a bump on svchostexe.

  Pesala 22:19 04 May 2004

Sometimes one gets no replies because the question is not clear enough or relevant info is missing.

  cabbieman 22:33 04 May 2004

Good point pesala,that's providing thickos like me understand what's wrong enough to make the question concise enough in the first place.Sometimes it takes peoples patient questioning and coaxing to get the relevant info for which I'm eternally grateful.Just by posting a reply on here goes to show that you forum members are helpful and willing to share time and experience with newbies like myself.

  Audeal 22:48 04 May 2004

We are all Newbies in the beginning

  Sir Radfordin 22:49 04 May 2004

Just remember that there may be some questions that only a few of the 'regulars' will know/want to post an answer to. It doesn't take long for posts to drop off the first page and if people are away for a day or so questions may be missed.

How urgent for you to get an answer will to some extent dictate how often you want to 'bump' it up - every hour may be a bit much, but once/twice a day may be all it needs.

If you don't get an answer never be afraid to bump the post up, you may just manage to catch the attention of the right person!

  beeuuem 22:51 04 May 2004

I rarely 'bump' though have done if I see a query about to fall off the edge of the world. This is in the hope that even if I can't help it mght be seen by someone who can offer advice.
Obviously, not everyone agrees with this here

  VoG II 23:02 04 May 2004

That response to your bump was out of order. I'm surprised it wasn't dealt with at a higher level than us mere mortals.

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