Bad image window & google

  Stymied 09:53 26 Nov 2010


I run Windows XP on a three year old Dell laptop.

When I logged on this morning I got a series of Bad Image windows and an error message related to this file:


I can't open any programs at all except for Internet Explorer. I have stopped OKing the bad image windows because a new one with a different exe file in the title bar appears, noisily to replace it.

Recently I've been getting some AW SNAP windows, but Google Chrome reloads the pages I had open quickly. Yesterday I used the Google application that lets you see traffic to your blog for the first time. I also updated Java. Initially the Java update caused problems for my AVD update, but that was resolved eventually and there was no further trouble yesterday.

Any advice on this would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  birdface 10:14 26 Nov 2010

Googled but never found a fix.

click here\PROGRA~1\Google\GOOGLE~1\GOEC62~1.DLL&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a

  letsgetrdy 05:06 27 Nov 2010

Well, I would uninstall everything google related on your computer, and then if you MUST.. reinstall chrome. But make sure you see if the computer works fine without all the google related jargon if you do go down that road. As for the AW snap thing, I get them sometimes when I have multiple flash content open. And I'm using firefox.

Flash has always had its flaws :)

  olddromola 15:07 03 Dec 2010

Well, I hope you have resolved the problem by now but, if not, this has been my experience. I am on Vista but otherwise had the same symptoms as you had. My first encounter with the problem was also on 26th November and today - a week later - it reappeared. I solved it the first time by trial and error but today it was much easier.

I think you will find that if you keep clicking on the 'close' red cross at the top right hand corner of the notice the notice will eventally run out of steam and disappear. Then go to your Programme Files and look in the Google folder. I am fairly certain you will see a sub folder called 'Google~3' dated 26th November. This is the rogue that needs to be deleted.

What I would like to know is where does the 'Google~3' folder come from in the first place!

  Stymied 17:21 04 Dec 2010

I eventually took my laptop to a computer repair shop as I was eventually unable to open any files or folders.

Thanks for the suggestions and especially for identifying Google~3 element as the offending sub folder which I'm sure will help anyone else with the same affliction!

I appreciate the advice from everyone who responded. This Helproom never disappoints!

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