Bad HD Sectors problems

  Chegs ®™ 06:42 24 Dec 2005

I have a failing 15Gb Maxtor HD,that can run XP as long as I use the CHKDSK /R option once installed.I have been using this HD for months and as more bad sectors appeared,my apps would get sluggish or even freeze occasionally.At the last CHKDSK /R test,XP marked up about 50Mbs of dodgy HD space.I finally decided the time had come to retire this drive as Acronis couldn't image it,but then I was given a Dell 8200 that was surplus to its previous owners requirements that only needed a HD and no prizes for guessing the Maxtors new home. :-)

As I like tinkering,I decided to load a linux distro on the Dell.I finally chose Suse 9.2 from my collection of distros.This was duly loaded and I thought I may as well get all the updates/patches for it.This was where my troubles first appeared.The d/l stopped at 23% and I chose to Ignore that one,but eventually (over a dozen Ignore errors later) I aborted the update. Trying to bootup the Dell afterwards took nearly an hour,and I had no net connection available(although the LAN was showing as active and working) Over the next hour or so,I found more apps just crashed or refused to run at all.Then I rebooted a second time and the Suse install won't go at all,numerous "config" files are showing as missing/corrupted.

XP might have some objectionable habits(Re:reactivation requests from merely OC the CPU)but it isn't stupid,it knows when a bad sectors present and duly writes the data elsewhere.Suse on the other hand,refuses to admit defeat and will sit writing the same data repeatedly until its satisfied that its won.This is why Suse took an hour just to get to the desktop. :-)

My question is,are there any linux tools that can be used to mark a bad sector as unusable,then I can reload/repair Suse and continue tinkering in linux until new year when I might be able to afford a few new HD's,or do I have to spend the xmas holiday staring forlornly at a HD-less PC?

PS:I'm not totally stuck for a HD to use in the Dell as I have an ancient noisy 2Gb drive that still works well enough but hasn't the room to put much in the way of linux apps on.I also have 9 "live" linux CD's(one of which I'm using to post this)

  ICF 06:50 24 Dec 2005

I would get that credit card out and go buy one from PC world seeing there is no time for delivery click here

  Chegs ®™ 07:03 24 Dec 2005

I can't get the credit card out as I don't possess one,or a bank account either.

  Chegs ®™ 07:32 24 Dec 2005

"I think you want to run e2fsck -c fs, also see badblocks. Check the man
pages for more details."

Found this from google,so did as it was suggested and checked the Man pages,which gave me this...

-C fd This option causes e2fsck to write completion information to the
specified file descriptor so that the progress of the filesystem
check can be monitored. This option is typically used by pro-
grams which are running e2fsck. If the file descriptor speci-
fied is 0, e2fsck will print a completion bar as it goes about
its business. This requires that e2fsck is running on a video
console or terminal.

So,I'm going to set off e2fsck command and go to bed.Then hopefully when I get up again,I should be able to repair Suse and get a bit more use from this ailing HD. :-))

  Chegs ®™ 12:55 24 Dec 2005

Anyone care to offer the right syntax to get this to run,I keep getting a message stating the full list of options.

  Chegs ®™ 21:14 24 Dec 2005

Sorted,running tools from a live CD.

  ICF 13:01 26 Dec 2005

You could always use cash LOL

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