Bad hardrive turned out to be ok!

  barnettgs 13:39 23 Feb 2003

Here's the link I posted about hardrive that has bad sections

click here

And now, I have ordered new harddrive and is waiting for it.

Meanwhile, I have moved existing harddrive to older computer, fdisk and formatted it...found it to be prefect, no bad sectors. I have run scandisk it few times, no trouble...could it be a false alarm??

  Lú-tzé 22:31 23 Feb 2003

Thd fdisk and format may have sorted you out... Still, a second hdd is always a useful commodity for backups, ghost images, pagefile and the like.

  barnettgs 23:30 23 Feb 2003

Right, the older pc has only 4Gb drive and its slow it will have existing 10Gb harddrive from other computer and will install window on that same HDD while other pc waits for new HDD to install.

I assume its safe to install windows on it but I couldn't help wondering why scandisk showed 'bad-sectors' in first place...I suppose fdisk may have sorted it out. Thanks for info

  eccomputers 18:09 24 Feb 2003

be careful, it could be the motherboard.
I had a customer last year that had this problem.
The problem got a lot worse and after trying 4 hard drives (though it might be a bad batch) I changed the motherboard and the problem never came back.

Also if I remember correctly, an fdisk or format will label sectors as bad so they will stay there but the system will not attempt to use them. If the drive is on its way out, more will appear.

  « Ravin » 19:11 24 Feb 2003

lol i think in computing today or some magazine i read a letter where someone wrapped up a defunct drive in tin foil and microwaved it for an hour and said that it worked perfectly after that. what do you think of that ;o))

  barnettgs 19:26 24 Feb 2003

Well, checking that same HDD is okay and decided to take it back to same PC where bad sections were found in first place...and after installing HDD & motherboard, sounds drivers etc and run scandisk, there is nothing wrong with it. It seemed to me that scandisk were giving me a false alarm in first place.

Everything seems to run no problem on this pc with same HDD. I suppose there is no need for a new HDD.

  Lú-tzé 19:55 24 Feb 2003

I have heard of people putting harddrives into the freezer overnight, but the microwave... after that it would be time to say good bye to both the hdd and the microwave. :-}

  Lú-tzé 20:02 24 Feb 2003

click here for a link to the freezer bag trick!

  Stuartli 20:07 24 Feb 2003

If you put an HDD into a microwave you would have a wonderful firework display.....

Not much else though afterwards.

  wee eddie 21:56 25 Feb 2003

I think that HD's are cheaper than microwaves.

Most magnetrons are fried if any metal object is in the cabinet when it is turned on.

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