bad drivers from windows update

  mec13 19:38 19 Jan 2005

I could be off track here, but can windows updates sometimes give bad driver updates to my machine. The reason I ask this is that I went onto my system device, click onto my moniter, went onto driver updates, and clicked 'update driver' What happens now is some programnes show a small square in the middle of my screen, stating 'out of range'. My os is xp home, radeon 9200 graphic with a flat screen moniter, and auto updates is 'on'. A roll back, dosn't quite get rid of my problem, in fact my refresh rate is now just 60 or 70.I just hope a 'system restore' isn't the solution, because I've lost track as to where to restore from (please excuse my limited computer knowledge, thats why I'm here)
ps. going onto makers sites for drivers, just baffles me. Picking the right one might be easy for some, but to me its all mumbo jumbo.

  VoG II 20:15 19 Jan 2005

Roll back the driver click here

  Indigo 1 20:16 19 Jan 2005

Try BigFix from click here for updates. You will need to subscribe (free) to relevant sites but it is completley free and reliable, I have been using BigFix for 2 years problem free and has saved me endless time and frustration. I no longer rely on Windows updates at all.

  freaky 21:53 19 Jan 2005

Windows Update Drivers is way out of date, see my post to a later post on this subject.

  mec13 22:30 19 Jan 2005

If windows drivers are suspect, how do I stop them downloading onto my computer then. Do I just turn off auto updates and not have any critical updates at all(which seems a bit extreme)or does it mean I go onto the windows update page and decide myself what to download?
Indigo1 sugests Bigfix (I've never heard of them). Life seems to be getting a bit complicated, because 'rolling back the 'drivers' hasn't made the problem go completly.

  Modo 22:40 19 Jan 2005

Yes they are unreliable, but mostly OK.

They only offer signed drivers.

Be particularly wary with Modem drivers you can lose functionality with the promised update.

  jimmer409® 06:04 20 Jan 2005

yes i downloaded a new driver for my wireless kit, the driver was corrupt, i would recommend always checking with the manufactor of the product. you don't have to turn off windows up date, just select custom install and than install the update you need.

  swapper 07:48 20 Jan 2005

I thought that there was a thread about Automatic updates, I know that I came to the conclusion that it was better to update manually (often) so that I could select what I wanted to download rather that just have things put into my PC. o.k. its a bit slower, but I'm happy about that!

  mec13 22:16 20 Jan 2005

I always thought that windows update was the correct and proper way of keeping my computer in good order, and the best option was 'auto updates', because windows always know's what's best.
Alas this does not seem to be the case, and as for the drivers, I think that if all's well, leave well alone. Manual updates looks the better option I suppose, and picking drivers from manufacter'es site's is far to complicated for me. System restore is looking favourite.

  Kate B 23:20 20 Jan 2005

windows doesn't always know what's best for device drivers. What you tend to get is older drivers that have finally passed the Windows XP certification process, not the most up to date or whizziest new drivers.

My rule on drivers is - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

You should, however, always install the critical updates: they're vital security patches.

  VoG II 23:24 20 Jan 2005

That is sound advice indeed. And in English (except for the second paragraph which is, regrettably, in American).

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