Bad Drive

  prince midas 13:42 10 May 2007

My Pc is refusing to show my 2nd disk on explorer & when I look at the 2nd drive using Partion Magic it says it is a bad drive & is showing only 8Gig although it is an 120 Gig.
Does this mean I need a replacement hard disk 2.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:12 10 May 2007

Right click my computer

choose manage

disk management

What shows up there?

  prince midas 19:56 10 May 2007

Since my last report Norton Partionmanager can only see the Disk1 which contains DriveC & DriveD
which gives a total of 160Gig which is correct.

It does not show Disk 2 which is 120 Gig & is installed through a Caddie which is the drive I am having problems with.
It started coming up with an error Disk Failure please insert system disk but it is now loading without the message but is not seeing the disk2.
Disk management again only sees the Disk1.

Could the caddie be faulty?
Any help appreciated but I am not a computor mechanic.

  WhiteTruckMan 01:46 11 May 2007

I would suspect the caddie as the first and easiest to check. Just remove from the caddie and plug into the IDE cable (dont forget power lead.

I had identical problems which I first thougfht was the drive, then I though it was the cable. Finally junking the (quite old) caddie solved the problem.

Is it just a basic caddie, or is it a fancy one with a display?


  prince midas 10:28 11 May 2007

It is just a basic Caddie which I think is faulty,I will fit the drive as standard & remove the caddie as I have had this problem on & off for three months.

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