bad checksum

  photo man 18:47 24 Jun 2003

I need a little help from my friends.Problem being when I start the computer the messege comes up BAD CHECKSUM. In the bios I find the date is wrong and when I correct it I can start up okay Sometimes I can start up for the next two or three times then I get the BAD CHECKSUM message again.No matter how I try to save the correction before leaving the bios it always reverts to the wrong date again after a few times. HELP

  sil_ver 19:03 24 Jun 2003

Your BIOS battery is probably U/S that is why the date wrong

  -pops- 19:08 24 Jun 2003

sil_ver is almost certainly correct. Replace the battery as soon as you can. It's easy to do but does require opening the case. Have a look at your motherboard manual for details of how to do it if you're unsure.


  photo man 21:31 24 Jun 2003

sil-ver and pops tried changing the battry before but had no joy. However must admit it was a battry out of another computer although it had been working okay.I will get a new battry and give it a try

  photo man 08:48 25 Jun 2003

No luck with a new battery not sure what else I can try

  -pops- 08:59 25 Jun 2003


You may need to reset the BIOS.

If you have made any adjustments to the BIOS away from standard, make a note of these (if they haven't been lost already) and then reset the BIOS by using the reset jumpers (usually live near the battery) Make sure you replace the jumper to the working position and try again.

One other point is to ensure the battery is in the right way round.

If that doesn't work, I'm stuck. There are others far more expert than me on here so, keep the thread on the top page to allow others to have a look.


  rioboy 10:31 25 Jun 2003

photo man what's the make/model of your motherboard?

  photo man 11:43 25 Jun 2003

All it says on the motherboard is MS5191 VER 1 1 AMC That was in the computer when I bought it secondhand.When I run the system disk the nearest motherboard showing on this is MS5 MICRO ATX AL 14 hOPE THIS MAKES SENSE

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