BackUps - Which?

  It's Me 11:48 25 Aug 2004

I totally agree that Backups are a vital need.
I have already got Ghost Images, but I think I should have other more regular backups of changing files on to CD/DVD/Zip250 disks. I can straight copy OK, but this is not an incremental scheme on to possible multiple no. of media.
I've just wasted some £30 on some software that wouldn't do what I thought it would, so I am reluctant to spend again without some recommendations. The Windows offering doesn't seem to do what I want either.
Has anyone any experience of using, say Dantz or Genie Backup Manager, or anything else.
By the way, I'm only on a single PC using XP Pro

  TomJerry 11:58 25 Aug 2004

I am using Haddy Backup and like it very very much. This program is also favoured by a few members here click here, you can doanload to try it first before paying $30.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:59 25 Aug 2004

Dantz retrospect is the way forward. I use this and it can be set at anytime, daily or missing a few days. You can also do a manual backup. The first backup will backup anything you choose or the whole HD. You can have up to 5 backup copies. Any subsequent backups only alter files that you have changed so, if it is set to auto, the whole process only takes a few seconds.

It comes bundled with Maxtor external HDs or you can buy it as a stand-alone programme. click here


  It's Me 15:12 25 Aug 2004

Regretfully, Hand BackUp doesn't seem to allow back up to DVDs or Zip disks, and DVDs are a must.
Tempting at $30 against £70 for the Dantz though it is.

  It's Me 15:58 25 Aug 2004

Many thanks for that. Dantz retrospective seems v. good, and if all else fails it will have to be that, at the moment, however, I wonder if it might be a bit overkill.
Genie Backup will work with CD, DVD and Zip, so I might give that a try for free before I cough up the $49.95 + Vat for it, and seems very simple to use.
I have a full version of Nero 6 installed, which I now discover includes a BackUp, covering CD and DVDs but not Zip, and it appears that it can be scheduled to do regular backups, so I'm going to give that a try first.
Thanks again.

  johnsims 17:25 25 Aug 2004

I used to use Veritas Back Up Exec and found it very good. There is a downloadable trial version at click here Not entirely sure whether it backs up to DVD but a quick look at the site will reveal all.

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