Backups including online backup

  Hoseman 16:45 18 Aug 2008

Im just wondering what other people are doing in terms of backing up their data.

At the moment I only I use an external hard drive for my home computer to backup my data. Ive heard recommendations that people should have at least 2 backups to be on the safe side. Does anyone agree?

Also, does anyone use any online backup services? What are the benefits and which companies would you recommend?

Thanks :)

  mgmcc 16:53 18 Aug 2008

I would personally recommend using a program such as "Acronis True Image" or "Norton Ghost" to create an image of your entire hard drive in separate media. This can then be restored in the event of any damage to your main installation or indeed to a new drive in the event of main hard disk failure.

  Pine Man 16:59 18 Aug 2008

I use Acronis True Image and back up my entire C drive once a month or sooner if I make any significant changes. My external HD holds 9 'images' of my C drive so I rotate these and overwrite in chronological order.

I have tried Ghost and found it thoroughly unreliable.

I have used Bullguard for on-line back ups and it was very good but sloooow! The problem with on-line back ups is that if your PC goes belly up and it's the only one you have got, how do you access the files you have backed up on line to restore your broken PC?

  pj123 18:05 18 Aug 2008

I use xxclone (free) from: click here to clone my c drive.

I normally clone it to three other same size hard drives. One is stored in a filing cabinet in my garage and the other two of these hard drives are stored offsite in two different friends houses.

Because my C: drive doesn't actually change that much I normally do a clone about every 3 months.

  Woolwell 18:23 18 Aug 2008

Interesting thread. I have an external hard drive for back ups. I do not do an image of my hard drive as I don't want to copy any snags but I do back up all of my important data.
About 2 months ago I had a major failure of the hard disc on my desktop and I bought a new one. This had Vista instead of XP. I restored my data from the external drive but found that I had a about 20 corrupted files (mostly photos). Fortunately I still has DVD's on which I had previously backed up on. With DVDs and CDs and before that a Zip drive and floppies I used to use an alternate policy so that I knew that I had one good set. Because I found that I had some corrupted files I have now begun to have 2 backup sets again (I actually have 2 external drives) and am fairly confident that I should not be caught again. At least 2 backup sets for me.

By the way I also have a UPS which I think is a must.

  Hoseman 19:08 18 Aug 2008

At the moment I only back up my most important info which is photos, music and various documents. I dont have a need to save anything else as far as Im aware. :)

Woolwell, what does UPS stand for?

Pine man, good point about online backups but its probably a good option if you want more than one copy.

  Woolwell 19:42 18 Aug 2008

UPS = uninterrupted power supply. Basically a battery back up which gives you time to shut down your PC, if there is a power problem, without a sudden crash which can corrupt your documents.

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