Backups, Images & Bootable disks

  six-h 14:59 27 Sep 2005

1. Having recorded many tapes to my PC, cleaned them up and made mp3 files of them,I wanted to save the wave files to DVD-RW to free up space on my hard disk. None of my burning software (Nero 6, pinnacle instant copy & a cyberlink prog) will allow this, repeatedly telling me the medium inserted is not a CD. The only way I've been able to do it is to make a backup, but this defeats the objective by storing yet another copy of these bulky wave files on my hard drive.Can I delete the hard drive copy of this backup and still be able to restore the files from my DVD copy?
2. I have a copy of Achronis true image, from a cover DVD of another mag. which I thought would serve all my backup/security needs, but under "imaging" the manual talks about "creating bootable Floppy disks" and refers me to the windows manual to do this. I don't have an "A" drive , can I subtitute CD/DVD for this instead?
Finaly, is the achronis software on this freebie worth having, or would you say I'm better off with Nero 6 which I think seems to offer similar features??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:29 27 Sep 2005

In nero when you start the first scree is shown as New compilation.

Make sure the box top left is showing DVD not CD.

  pip22 20:06 27 Sep 2005

regarding Acronis TrueImage, I can tell you it's excellent (I use it) and it's purpose-built for the job of creating an image of the system partition, or any partition for that matter. No floppy drive? -- no problem. you can install TrueImage and tell it to create a bootable CD instead (provided you have a cd-writer of course.
It asks you if you want to do this during installation, or you can skip that and create one when it's installed. Go to 'Start' - All Programs - Acronis True Image - Bootable Rescue Media Builder'. You use it to boot into a DOS version of TrueImage, which allows you to navigate to where your image has been saved, then TrueImage restores it to the original source partition. It's never failed me yet.

  six-h 14:12 04 Oct 2005

Thanks for that,pefect - talk about "if all else fails, read the instructions" - Doh!

  six-h 14:21 04 Oct 2005

A glowing endorsment, Don't know if yours is the paid for version, but mine is a freebie, true image 8PE. Probably not as complete a version as yours.Conversations with Medion help line have unsettled me a little though. They say that once I have committed to an image backup, it will nolonger be possible to use their recovery disc to revert to factory settings - if required in the future. This kindof rips away the security blanket I was hoping to hang on to. Is there a way to retain this option??

  GroupFC 14:38 04 Oct 2005

"They say that once I have committed to an image backup, it will nolonger be possible to use their recovery disc to revert to factory settings" - I am by no means an expert (having just acquired True Image 8PE myself, but not yet having used it, but I can't see that.

I understood that by imaging you image a partion and if needs be this can then be restored to the original partion. If your medion is like my multivision then the factory settings will be on a seperate partion and I can't see that these will be lost.

As I said I'm not an expert (far from it!), so wait for further advice before taking any drastic steps!

  Yoda Knight 14:46 04 Oct 2005

They are talking B*LL*CKS !But what did you expect from a pay-per-minute helpdesk with morons manning the desks ?

Commiting an image to disk CANNOT in anyway render their recvery disk unusable ! How is their disk going to know youve made the image ?

  mosfet 14:47 04 Oct 2005

I also cannot see what they are on about,you would only be taking an image of your partition.I use a free Acronis True Image,its the best thing I have ever been given.(or even paid for)

  De Marcus™ 15:17 04 Oct 2005

You'd have to be careful with acronis and the options you select if you have a hidden rescue partition and this is what medion are probably referring to. When restoring an image created under acronis your given the option of deleting all partitions (including hidden) and restoring the image. It's easy to see why they aired on the side of caution, it is easy however to use acronis with a hidden partition, just make sure you don't select the delete all partitions and restore option (or something like that).

  GroupFC 15:30 04 Oct 2005

You live and learn! (yet again!).

I haven't yet used True Image let alone restored an image - it just goes to show that as with all things to do with computers it pays to read everything on the screen rather than just keep clicking!

  De Marcus™ 15:39 04 Oct 2005


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