Backups - Again

  €dstowe 14:44 21 Jan 2005

Much as some may groan about this, I think it is time for one of my backup reminders again.

There are several threads (and contributions to those threads) running at present which could have been completely avoided by the simple expedient of having a backup.

Please, please, folks if you don't have a backup of your system. MAKE ONE NOW!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:47 21 Jan 2005

OK you have convinced me haven't done one for a few months.

Doing it now!


  Djohn 15:38 21 Jan 2005

Enjoy the cream cakes €dstowe and thank you for the reminder. :o)

  anchor 15:57 21 Jan 2005

In another thread you said that you had used Drive Image 7, (which I have), and were happy with it. You then went on to say you had now changed to Acronis True Image 8.

May I ask what made you change, and why it`s better in a simple home setup, in doing a full back up to an external USB hard drive, which I assume it does?.

By the way, what is the Acronis Secure Zone?. Incidentally, I have Win-XP Pro.

  [email protected] 16:05 21 Jan 2005

Just one, little, perhaps a bit stupid quezzy: When you re-backup do you just overwrite the previous backup OR delete the old one and create a new one OR is that the same thing? [old newbie yer]

  €dstowe 16:53 21 Jan 2005

You are right that I have changed from DI 7 to Acronis. DI for some reason told me once that there was something wrong with it (I can't remember the detail) and to repair it. It wouldn't repair and I contacted Powerquest only to find out that they had been taken over by Symantec (Norton). Now I have a "thing" about Norton products and by extension, Symantec. So, with this and the difficulty of getting any sense out of the website about my problem, I cut my losses and moved over to Acronis - which I'm very happy with.

Acronis Secure Zone is a partition that Acronis creates which is hidden from everything except Acronis where it places its backups. Very useful.

[email protected] Most backup systems allow you to do incremental backups where, after creating a full backup, subsequent ones are just backups of changes made since the previous one. If you need to use your backup, the program itself sorts out all the required bits from your collection of full and incremental backups.

  ventanas 16:58 21 Jan 2005

I had exactly the same problems with DI7. I think the problem stems from some corruption with the .net framework. I have now moved to DI2002 which works quite well, but does take you out of Windows.

  exdragon 17:07 21 Jan 2005

When I did my first full back up, I didn't use the Secure Zone, but I'm going to set one up and do another image now on my external USB drive.

One question - it asks if I want to activate the Startup Recovery Manager, but then says I can't, as the external drive won't be available when booting up. I've made the bootable CD - will this be enough, please?

  spuds 17:11 21 Jan 2005

Beside Acronis any recommendations for a good solid back-up programme, preferably free or reasonably priced as cd version.

  Retired Hurt 20:41 21 Jan 2005

Are there any threads dealing with the problem of backing up "all information on this computer" when the computer has no A drive?
Using XP pro: the data seems to be copied to my external drive (via USB) OK, but I am concerned that I will not be able to recover it without the floppy disk the backup programme demands I make.
(Called the system recovery disk.)
Also, has anyone ever tested the backup programme by wiping their good data and then trying the restore?
PS sorry for hijacking your thread, but my search failed to find a relevant enquiry.

  €dstowe 21:21 21 Jan 2005

A bootable CD will enable you to access the backup on an external drive. I have a setup just like that.

Retired Hurt. Don't worry about hijacking the thread, the more people we can get to backup the better.

You don't say what backup program you are using but certainly with the later versions of DI and with Acronis, the system recovery disc can be on CD and can, I believe, even be the original CD of the backup program. Your computer BIOS must be arranged to boot from CD to do this, of course, but lots are like this now.

Regarding your last question, I have installed a new formatted drive and loaded a backup of the same machine on to it. The system carried on as it did before.

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