€dstowe 15:36 14 Oct 2005

Old hands on here will know that Friday is backup day for me and all my computers.

Just to remind everyone that backing up YOUR computer is THE best way to keep potential problems away from your machines.

If you already do backups, ensure they are up to date (an out of date backup is pretty much useless)

If you don't already do backups then I STRONGLY recommend that you start doing so right away.

Don't think it will never happen to you - IT WILL.

(Issued in the interests of the sanity of everyone who has or uses a computer).

  mattyc_92 17:17 14 Oct 2005

I second that...

It has also reminded ME to backup (haven't for a week)....

  wolfie3000 17:26 14 Oct 2005

sunday evenings backup day for me i wonder how many others backup weekly it seems popular :-)

  trispen911 17:36 14 Oct 2005

I backup weekly, too, couldn't face losing it all!
And, if there're important changes, I've been known to backup then as well - can only add to your peace of mind.

  dagwoood 21:42 14 Oct 2005


  DieSse 23:55 14 Oct 2005


  swanson2 01:50 15 Oct 2005

Hi €dstowe,

I agree with you completely about backing up on a regular basis.

I have however had two instances in the last few months when I have had to reinstall my Operating System (XP Home)and this has caused me to re-install all my programmes (MS Office etc).

After all this hassle I purchased an external USB2 caddy and hard Drive and using a Maxtor utility disk downloaded from the net made a mirror copy of my PC Hard Disk.

I repeat this every few weeks so that if I ever lose my Operating System again I will simply swap my PC Hard Drive for the one in the external caddy and all should be OK.

  WightRob 10:24 15 Oct 2005

Hello Folks,

I agree with you all about backups. I try to backup regularly but admit to not having a good backup regime. On my old PC, running Win98, I used to backup to a ZIP drive using Iomega's software. Now I must admit that my method is pretty crude, I just copy all my important files to a new CD each time. Can anyone suggest a method of incremental backups from WinXP Home (is there a built in utility? if so I haven't found it).
Thanks in anticipation.

  VoG II 10:29 15 Oct 2005
  PaulB2005 10:31 15 Oct 2005

I have a second hard drive and use EZBack-it-up click here to copy all important files to the second drive.

Acronis Drive Image 8 run once a day whilst in the shower - full C Drive image.

Copy backup to external hard drive - once a month or so....

  Forum Editor 10:43 15 Oct 2005

(who have heard this before) perhaps I could pass on an old IT industry helpdesk joke.

Q. When's the best time to backup your computer?

A. Just before it crashes.

I've been testing a really neat little backup facility called FolderClone recently
click here and I must say I'm impressed. It does exactly what it says on the tin, and it does it discreetly and faultlessly.

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