€dstowe 16:32 07 May 2004

Please don't get hot under the collar or threaten to shoot me or anything like that but, we've just done our weekly full system backups - as we always do on a Friday afternoon.


If not, think seriously about it. If you think it will never happen to you that you need a backup well, it will. It's only a matter of time.

  expertec 16:33 07 May 2004


not very recently, probably time for another ;-)

  Quiller. 16:40 07 May 2004

Did a full backup on Monday. Always do one at the beginning of the month.

Haven't got a great deal to loose on the hard drive. But it beats installing all those updates, programmes and files again.

  Old Shep 16:40 07 May 2004

We never shoot the messenger.May hang him now and again but thanks for the reminder.

  GaT7 17:13 07 May 2004

€dstowe - thanks for the reminder : ) Just did one yesterday.

[I only BU the stuff that's been created since the previous BU so it doesn't take too long, & I do a 'Ghost' BU about once a month.]

  y_not 18:28 07 May 2004

Outlook reminds me at 2.00pm every Friday (scheduled reminders)

But thanks for the reminder - never have too many

  Epirb406 18:29 07 May 2004

Windows Xp Pro and more hard disks and partitions than I need!

Freebie Paragon Made a start up floppy for me me fvarious out of date files, this did work but booted to its dos interface and confused the hell out of me by renanming all the drives.

Paragon in windows said it was going to do what I wanted and then got stuck in an endless cycle of restarting windows and getting nowhere. F5 remedy of last known working configuration was called in to sort it.

Freebie Drive image couldn't create a start up disk because it was trying to put too much data on a 1.44 floppy.

Win XP back up has just failed because it cannot make a back up files of more than 4.2 Gb.

So I was just sitting here scratching my head when I saw this post........


  Betty Backcup 18:59 07 May 2004

ooooh shoot you? Never but you do make me hot under the collar my hero. Wine, fairy cakes and backups and not just on Fridays either.

  Epirb406 19:08 07 May 2004

Just to reassure, when I say freebie I mean cover disc versions!

Cheers, and sorry I can't join in with a hot collar! Epirb.

  woodchip 19:13 07 May 2004

But have you tested the backup to see if it works, Most make backups and sit with egg on face when it does not work

  VoG II 19:23 07 May 2004

A very good point. I've checked that mine does work. I backup my home system (documents etc) once every one or two weeks. Anything *really* important I save (immediately) multiple copies on floppies, CDs, little USB drive thingy etc.

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