Backup/Export in Outlook 2003

  Phil930 22:39 31 Aug 2005

I am about to move location and upon arrival will require a re-install of windows XP. Therefore, I will have to re-install Microsoft Office 2003 again.

Is there any way I can backup/export all my settings within outlook and all the emails I currently have in there so that once reinstalled I can simply import it all back in?

  VoG II 22:45 31 Aug 2005

Type backup into the search box in Outlook and press the Enter key.

  Phil930 22:49 31 Aug 2005

Thats a real short answer! Having a bad day!!

I tried using the export option but I have not a clue which option I require to export all the current settings so they remain intact upon re-install.

But I will adhere to your adive!

  kissanpoika 22:57 31 Aug 2005

There are two ways that I have done it... one is to export from within Outlook (File -> Export if I remember rightly). The other is to do a search for a .pst file on your hard drive and make a copy of that. You should then be able to reimport that into Outlook when it's reinstalled. Note that when i did it I had to import the file a couple of times, once to get the emails and once to get all the calendar entries. I'm sure there is a more elegant way of doing it but it worked for me!

I did lose all my mail rules but I wasn't really bothered about them, not sure if you can save them.

If you're going to find the .pst file method, make sure you get a copy of the correct one!

  goffer23 23:03 31 Aug 2005

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