backup WinXP to a spare hard drive

  robbg 14:54 15 Jan 2003
  robbg 14:54 15 Jan 2003

Am running Win XP Pro, I wish to copy it all on to a spare hard drive. In the event of a failure so that i don't have to start from scratch again loading all the drivers and programs back in.
I have Norton Ghost 2000, but once it sees that the spare drive is smaller than the original one it wont do it.My main hard drive is 80GB with only 10GB used and the spare one is 20GB.
Are there any programs that will do it please?

  €dstow 15:02 15 Jan 2003

I use Drive Image which partitions the backup drive to a size it sees as suitable for holding the backup leaving the remainder of the disk for other things.

If I use Drive Copy (another part of DI) which creates a mirror of the main hard drive rather than a compressed backup of Drive Image then it seems not to want to copy to anything smaller than the disk it's copying from.

It is possibly because the data is distributed in bits (fragmented) over the whole drive rather than the small 10gig that it tell you is being taken up.


  1514 17:38 15 Jan 2003

Try Acronis "True Image" click here

  flecc 18:58 15 Jan 2003

You should be able to use imaging with either Drive Image or Ghost. Don't copy drive to drive, just write an image, which can be compressed, to store on the second hard drive. In the event of a crash, you just restore the image to the original drive.

A copy of XP on a second hard drive wouldn't boot from the other drive anyway, so there's nothing to be gained from a straight copy.

  Splodge 19:50 15 Jan 2003

A copy of XP Will boot up from the spare drive if you originally run the XP Set up on to the spare disk (on the C drive) but stop after the initial installation. In my case I also allow the new drive to install the printer.

I then put back the original HD with the master copy to the C drive and make the new one the secondary drive.

I use Drive Image v5.0, to back up Disk to Disk, not forgetting to remove the tick on "hide the partition.

I have 2 spare HD's "Grandfather, Father and Son".
Each 80Gb

  robbg 19:55 15 Jan 2003

Thank you all very much for all your help. Being a bit on the tight side i will give my Ghost a try before i spend any money That Acronis site also looks good as I had never heard of it before.
Thanks again all

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