Backup for windows 7

  Skywalker7 19:30 26 Aug 2011

Hi I am trying to do a backup of my PC but whenever I try and save to a CD then the Dialog window informs me that I must first format the disc;no matter what I do it is not able to complete the format. I don't know what I am doing wrong? Can someone help please? Thanks

  iscanut 19:44 26 Aug 2011

Please tell us what you are trying to backup. Is it the whole pc including op system settings or just some data ( word files, music, photos etc..) Also how are you backing up ? What program or method are you using ?A CD will only contain approx 640Mb of data so not enough for the whole system.

  sunnystaines 08:41 28 Aug 2011

have you looked at w7 own image back up, its works ok.

  Skywalker7 17:53 31 Aug 2011

Thank you for the reply, I am having a problem here;trying to do a system image back-up and realize now that the disc won't hold enough data.Then I bought a USB (16GB)but when I tried to do the backup it says that I ca'nt because the drive is not NTFS?? I think I'm lost.

  lotvic 18:46 31 Aug 2011

Please answer iscanut's questions so that appropriate advice can be offered

"Also how are you backing up ? What program or method are you using ?"

  Zak 18:47 31 Aug 2011

[How to format USB drive and memory stick with NTFS ]1

  Zak 18:51 31 Aug 2011
  Zak 18:53 31 Aug 2011

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