Backup Software recommendations.

  Cmdr Vimes 19:50 19 Jul 2010

I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good backup software I could setup on my pc to do scheduled backups to my external drive. Preferrably free if possible.

I had been using MS live onecare, which had worked well. But I've uninstalled that now and so the backup feature is gone. I'm running xp home and my version doesn't have a backup feature on it and it came pre-installed with no installation disc.

I'd be grateful for any advice. Thanks.

  rawprawn 20:07 19 Jul 2010

Without a doubt Acronis
click here

  Snec 20:11 19 Jul 2010

click here

I used version 7 for years but when I got a new computer I switched to version 8, only because if I was installing Cobian again I might as well have the latest version at the time.

I have no reason to suspect that the later versions don't work equally as well but I am not an updater/upgrader for the sake of it.

All other free ones that I tried over the years have failed in several ways. Kates, for one but others too, would miss out deep sub folders. Cobian misses nothing.

  Snec 20:13 19 Jul 2010

Acronis is great too (see rawprawn above) if you want to backup your system but it is overkill for data so: Acronis for system backup, Cobian for data backup.

  canarieslover 20:26 19 Jul 2010

Here is a good freebie - click here. It will clone a drive as well as all the normal backups.

  Belatucadrus 20:33 19 Jul 2010
  Cmdr Vimes 20:50 19 Jul 2010

Thanks very much everyone. I think I'll have a look at the Easeus todo backup. Its seems to fit the bill for my requirements.

  Cmdr Vimes 20:53 19 Jul 2010

I assume I'll have to do the first backup completely from scratch (hence ignoring the live onecare backups).

  Mike_tech 11:15 20 Jul 2010

Handy Backup click here can do it well. I have used several backup programs for years, and I recommend Handy Backup (compatible with Windows).

Hope it will work for you too.

  Cmdr Vimes 11:44 24 Jul 2010

A bit late with this response, sorry. In the end I went for Cobian 10, it was difficult to chose between them all.

Anyway, thanks very for the advice and suggestions.

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