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  Gary Wood 00:08 02 Apr 2007

I currently backup my documents to an external hard drive. However, since the external drive is just a copy of what's on my main drive, if I delete a file from my C: drive, it also goes from the backup the next time I run it.

I'm looking for some backup software which can do incremental backups and allow a retention period for old files, so that if I accidentally delete something, there'll be a time period in which I can retrieve it.

Can anyone recommend any such software?



  Enoch 00:15 02 Apr 2007

Either Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image. I use both and recommend both, but then I am a backup fanatic. Either will do what you want.

  Gary Wood 00:18 02 Apr 2007


Thanks. I looked at these two programs, but as far as I could see they just did disk imaging, and I'd have to create a new image each backup (i.e. not incremental). Have I misunderstood them?

Also, I don't want to image my entire hard drive - just specific folders. Can I do that with those two programs?



  beeuuem 02:37 02 Apr 2007

Backup Plus will do incremental back ups and allow you to select the files and folders.
Although I now normally use Acronis TI, which does create an image of the whole partition, I do use BupPlus for daily backups of documents.
click here at £16-10 for the D/L version which will write to DVD and CD.

  beeuuem 03:09 02 Apr 2007

This is a free programme click here although I have not used it it is recommended by some on the forum.

  Simsy 06:28 02 Apr 2007

that True Image will do incremental backups if you want it to...

Having made the first disc image you can choose, subsequently to have incremental backups, so the incremental backup files are relatively small.

As usual, I'm open to correction!



  Rigga 10:49 02 Apr 2007

Gary Wood, firstly how do you currently backup your files? are you using any software? or drag and drop?

Personally I use SyncBack >> click here << freeware download towards the end.

It is set-up to copy all my main folders to an external drive overnight. It can either be set-up to synchronize or to simply backup from one to the other.


  Belatucadrus 11:09 02 Apr 2007

click here
click here
Feature list show incremental as an option and the price is right.

  Pamy 16:43 02 Apr 2007

Hi Garry, "since the external drive is just a copy of what's on my main drive, if I delete a file from my C: drive, it also goes from the backup the next time I run it."

How does that happen then?

I cannot understand how that can happen.

  wee eddie 17:04 02 Apr 2007

Or 3 as is the more usual recommendation.

I think that you are right about Incremental Back-ups. The most up to date copy reflects the changes that you have made to your HDD, including Deletions.

Dantz came with my Maxtor and I use it for incremental backups every month (not as often now I'm retired as I used to when in business) Once a quarter I mirror My Docs onto an old HDD that I stuck into a cheap Caddie and keep that at my sister's.

  Gary Wood 19:52 02 Apr 2007

Pamy - I use a file syncronisation program to make the copy on the backup drive. So, if a file no longer exists on the main drive, it gets deleted from the backup drive automatically.

I've downloaded a trial version of True Image and it can do incremental backups of specific folders, rather than full disk images. However, I can't find a way to set retention (so that files are kept within the backup for so long (say 60 days) after they are deleted from the main drive, before being removed from the backup.

Can anyone confirm if this is possible, or advise if any of the other suggested packages can do that?



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