Backup Settings Transfer

  olyman 16:37 10 Jul 2006

I intend to use the XP Files and Settings Transfer Wizard to backup my settings prior to a reformat.
This Wizard is designed for transfering from an old to new computer. Will the fact that it will be reinstalling on the same computer confuse things?
Essential files have been backed up on DVDs.

  ade.h 16:51 10 Jul 2006

I used to (try to) use it in exactly that way, but it never worked so I gave up trying and resorted to making a note of all my preferred settings. Not a five second job, but you only really need to do it once, and it will get used more than once!

  olyman 18:16 10 Jul 2006

That's a pity.
I have done it your way in the past but was hoping to simplify the process :-(
What was the problem?

  ade.h 18:33 10 Jul 2006

When the wizard was run on the new installation, it just wouldn't load the saved file. I tried with no 3rd-party software and with all my previous software in place and the result was the same. After three installs in as many years, in which the same thing happened, I gave up trying to use it!

  olyman 21:34 10 Jul 2006

Thanks, I've already saved the settings so I'll give it a try but won't expect much after your comments. I have all my settings noted - I hope. I used MozBackup to save my Thunderbird and Firefox Settings and Files so I hope that works OK.

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