Backup / Saving e-mails

  Habsish 16:31 16 Nov 2005

I run windows XP and use Outlook Express 6.

In the past I have had problems with trying to access exported e-mails either individually or in various folders after my hard drive was formatted.

Is there a way to back up my e-mails with easy access to them. I would like to put them onto an external hard drive I have just purchased that can be used by both my desktop and laptop.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:55 16 Nov 2005

Back up and recover Outlook Express
click here
Search your old computer for files ending .dbx. These are your emails. There should be Inbox.dbx, Outbox.dbx, Drafts.dbx etc. There must also be Folders.dbx, this is the data telling OE how the emails are compressed. Save all these dbx files, then you can either import them into OE on your new computer, or overwrite the files of the same name in the new computer. Look for a file called (name).wab, this is your address book, and a folder called Favorites. Save these and either import or overwrite to transfer them.

  GroupFC 18:04 16 Nov 2005

If you don't want to import them, but just wish to refer to an old one from time to time, you can just back up the .dbx files and get this small freeware program which can read .dbx files click here

  anchor 14:20 17 Nov 2005

Hello GroupFC:

Do you know of a similar viewer for Outlook backup files.

  Habsish 14:29 17 Nov 2005

Thanks for the advice.

Tried to download the freeware reader but could not get it to run. Probably lack of knowledge on my behalf clicked everything in sight in the downloaded folder but nothing would work.

Just want something to read, if necessary old e-mails I have. Located the old file ok and I can see the various folders I had in my inbox. Can't read them though and do not want to mess up my current saved messages which are in a different folder.

Regards H

  GroupFC 17:21 17 Nov 2005

Hi anchor,

The short answer is no! - but I had a quick trawl and did find this click here but I am not sure if this is any good or indeed if you have to pay for it!

Habsish, sorry don't know why you couldn't get it to run - I can't have a look at it at the moment as I am work and we are not allowed to d/load software, but I'll have a look later tonight and post back.

  GroupFC 20:09 17 Nov 2005

OK part of the problem appears to be that on that link I gave you that there doesn't appear to be anything to download! (not that I could see anyway!)

If you go to click here and scroll down to the bottom the page until you see "MiTeC OE Viewer 1.2 (Freeeware)", and then click on that you should get a box pop up asking you what to do with the file.
If you select save to disk and then chose a location (such as you desktop) the file should then d/load.

Once on your desktop, just double click the icon and the programme should instal and you will then be able to open your messages in the relevant .dbx files.

How I use it is I locate the relevant .dbx files and then make a copy to my documents which are then backed up to an external hard drive. If I then need to refer to an old e-mail all I h

  GroupFC 20:15 17 Nov 2005

Doh!!! ..... all I have to do is open the .dbx file in OEviewer and locate the relevant message!

That link still isn't working properly! If you click om my "click here" and then "more info" under OE Reader, it will take you to the page I'm trying to direct you to!

HTH but if you still have problems post back and I'll try (!) and help further.

  jimv7 20:25 17 Nov 2005
  Habsish 20:38 17 Nov 2005


Had found the download section and downloaded to my usual location. Double clicked icon OE-Trial and got various option D5 D6 D7 Demo etc.

Every one I double clicked on kept banging on that it could not open because it needed programme that created it. Then got a more than a little lost and disheartened.

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